Spotsylvania County Board Meeting

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Spotsylvania County Regular School Board Meeting Ellen Fritz:

Spotsylvania County Regular School Board Meeting Ellen Fritz Monday, March 12, 2012 6:30–8:40 p.m. Administrative Services, Board Room River Stone Drive, Fredericksburg, VA


Attendence 7 Board Members – Linda Weiland , Dr. James Meyer, J. Gilbert Seaux , Dawn Shelley, Amanda Blalock, Ray Lora, William Blaine Superintendent Dr. Shelley Redinger Board Clerk Ms. Patty Boller Presenters, parents, students and educators Approximately 75 attendents

1.0 Opening Items:

1.0 Opening Items 1.01 Call to Order (Ms. Wieland) 1.02 Pledge of Allegiance (Ms. Blalock) 1.03 Approve/Adopt Agenda (Ms. Wieland)

3.0 Instructional Highlights:

3.0 Instructional Highlights 3.01 Virtual Tour of John J. Wright Educational Center (Dr. Baker)

4.0 Recognitions and Awards:

4.0 Recognitions and Awards 4.01 Recognition of Art Students (Dr. Baker) 4.02 Recognition of Virginia School Boards Association Art Contest Winners (Dr. Baker) 4.03 Five Year Culture a la Carte Teacher Participation Awards (Dr. Baker) 4.04 Recognition of Schools Receiving 2012 Virginia Index of Performance Incentive Program Awards (Dr. Baker) 4.05 Recognition of Students, Sponsors, and Parents of Chancellor Middle School’s First Place Odyssey of the Mind Teams (Dr. Baker)


5.0 Comments 5.01 Public Comments Ronald Fisk – legal and moral discussion of three board members unofficial meeting to decide future board positions. Peter Futonhauer – comments regarding the Virginia State Legislature’s decision on fiscal budgeting for education and teacher tenure. 5.02 Board Member Comments (Ms. Wieland) 5.03 Superintendent’s Report (Dr. Redinger )

6.0 Special Reports:

6.0 Special Reports 6.01 Elementary Report Card K-2 (Ms. Fienard ) 6.02 Board Committee Reports (Ms. Wieland)

7.0 Consent Agenda Items:

7.0 Consent Agenda Items 7.01 Approval of Minutes (Ms. Boller ) 7.02 Approval of Donations (Mr. Worner )

8.0 Action Items:

8.0 Action Items 8.01 Approval of the FY 2013 School Board Budget $269,353,578.00 (Ms. Wieland) 8.02 Appointment of School Board Members to Attend VSBA Hot Topic Conference (Ms. Wieland) 8.03 Greenline Service Corporation - purchase of two mowers (Mr. Brimer and Mr. Worner )

9.0 Information Items:

9.0 Information Items 9.01 The Commonwealth Governor’s School Board Agenda (Dr. Baker) 9.02 Discipline Report for February (Dr. Baker) 9.03 Items for March 26, Board Meeting (Dr. Redinger )

11. Closed Meeting:

11. Closed Meeting

14.0 Adjournment:

14.0 Adjournment Meeting Adjourned 8:40 p.m. (Ms. Wieland)


Readings Open board meetings obviously enhance school-community relations and allow parents and other citizens to understand the issues encompassing the system’s schools as well as to air their concerns (Ornstein, 2011, p 210). The board must keep the school district solvent and get the most out of every tax dollar. The school district usually has a larger budget than any other aspect of local government (Ornstein, 2011, p 212).


References Ornstein, A., Levine, D., Gutek, G.,(2011). Foundations of education . (11 ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.

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