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How to teach writing

Why write? : 

Why write? To communicate over distances To communicate across time To participate in society To remember and record To “make thought visible” and express your inner self

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Notes emails letters essays stories Signs advertisements subtitles articles Diaries/journals magazines plays recipes Labels/brands brochures maps textbooks How we write

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The Writing Process

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These are the steps in the writing process.

What are the steps? : 

What are the steps?

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Prewriting Drafting Editing / Revising Presenting

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#1 Prewriting Planning and Thinking Getting your thoughts down on paper. Free-write, outline, notes Discuss, think


EXAMPLES Brainstorming / Vocabulary Surveying / forms Researching / Discussion

Authors must think about…. : 

Authors must think about…. The purpose of their writing The audience they are writing for The content (structure / sequence) ( genre / register)

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#2 Writing First Draft Putting your ideas and thoughts together Forming sentences and paragraphs

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#3 – Editing Revising and Reflecting Rewriting or rearranging sentences. Getting feedback Proofreading

# 4 PresentingFinal Draft Sharing your workpublishing, speaking : 

# 4 PresentingFinal Draft Sharing your workpublishing, speaking

The whole process : 

The whole process

Conclusions? : 

Conclusions? What are the BENEFITS AND DRAWBACKS of using the Writing Process in our classrooms?


DRAWBACKS Takes too much time Loss of student focus / interest Not suited to some personalities Students need to be taught it (peer editing / planning / stages) Restricts spontaneity and range of writing activities.

Benefits : 

Benefits The creation of a product Writing seen as a communicative and purposeful activity Teaches students to plan and research Student collaboration is developed. Feedback and response given.

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“Writing is a way of talking without being interrupted.” -- Jules Renard Isn't it surprising how many things, if not said immediately, seem not worth saying ten minutes from now?  ~Arnot L. Sheppard, Jr. Speaking Vs Writing

Speaking Vs Writing : 

Speaking Vs Writing We have produced a Venn Diagram object. Each part is a separate PowerPoint object, so you can colour them as you please

Speaking Vs Writing : 

Speaking Vs Writing

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