Beliefs and Values

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The beliefs and values of teachers / students / schools / society and how they effect curriculum development


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Designing Language Courses: 

Designing Language Courses Educational Beliefs and Values 3

I believe : 

I believe in a classroom that ............

I believe: 

I believe students should.......

I believe: 

I believe every teacher must .......

I believe: 

I believe we learn languages by

I believe: 

I believe education ........

Beliefs and the Curriculum: 

Beliefs and the Curriculum

Goal or Objective?: 

Goal or Objective?

Task 3.1: 

Task 3.1

Stern’s Framework (1983): 

Stern’s Framework (1983) Your view of language Your view of society Your view of learning and learners Your view of teaching

Task 3.2: 

Task 3.2 Think of what each means. Note some possible examples.

Possible Examples.: 

Possible Examples. 31

A view of learning: 

A view of learning Class time

Task 3.3: 

Task 3.3 Compare your ideas (3.1 and 3.2) with the chart. Differences? Similarities? What would you add?

Task 3.4: 

Task 3.4 Look at Task 3.1 . Categorize your list/response based on the 4 categories of Stern.

Task 3.5 - Which Category?: 

Task 3.5 - Which Category? 3 2,3 2,3,4 3 4

Task 3.6: 

Task 3.6 What beliefs are relevant to the course you are planning. Make a quick list. Compare with a colleague.

Task 3.7 Beliefs / Context: 

Task 3.7 Beliefs / Context

A simplified model: 

A simplified model