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Zonda Bus Series Long distance Bus & Coach A9 B9 YCK6127HG A7 YCK6128HGN MPB B7 B6 BRT C8-C12 DC Series YCK6128HEC YCK6118HEC YCK6128HEVC Group Tourism City Bus Electric Bus & Mixed power Bus Middle and short distance bus A5 B5 A3

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YCK6129HGN / YCK6129HGW1 / YCK6140HGN / YCK6140HGWN / YCK6140HD Main Features: Low fuel consumption Extra large luggage space Extra large passengers capacity Full load bearing body structure High reliability Humanizing design ■ 12-14m ■ 24-83seats

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B9 YCK6129HGD ■ 12*2.54*3.96m ■ 51+1+1(max.61) Main Features: One and half decker design Enlarge luggage space (≧11m3) Enlarge passengers capacity Widen driver’s visual field Lower wind resistance and fuel consumption Curve design, 24L/100km Durable and Excellent quality Semi-carrying structure Durable special 16Mn steel Phosphoresced technology for bus body and chassis 6 more seats than other 12m bus VIP seats in the space above driver’s cab

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YCK6127HG Main Features: Outstanding appearance with big visual field reverse mirror Lower Fuel consumption (25L/100km) due to curve surface design Durable Semi-carrying structure 16Mn special bus crossbeam use steel Phosphoresced technology for bus body and chassis Safe and reliable Zonda Yanjing chassis Mature assembly Easy maintenance ■ 11.98*2.5*3.86m ■ 47+1+1(max. 55)

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A7 Main Features: Awards: “World Recommended Bus Model” “Fashion & Creation Bus Model” Lower fuel consumption Curve design---reduce wind resistance Light weight: 800kg lighter than equal bus, makes it save 6% diesel Vacuum radial fuel saving tyre Perfect for 400km daily-round transport and provincial tourism Most cost efficiency bus model YCK6106HG3 / YCK6116HGL3 / YCK6126HG4 / YCK6126HG ■ 10-12m ■ 24-53 seats

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YCK6128HGN Main Features: Solemn and Distinguished Design Low fuel consumption and energy saving Durable in use and excellent quality Comfortable interior design Mature configuration, safe and reliable QJ1506 six speed gear box, ZF technology Front and rear disc brake Eddy current retarder ■ 11.98*2.5*3.6m ■ 51+1+1 (max. 55)

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MPB—Multi Purpose Bus YCK6106HL3 / YCK6126HL3 Main Features: Large capacity 3+2 seats layout –1 unit 12m MPB equal to 2 units 10m bus in passenger capacity. Perfect as tourism, groups, commuters, school bus Durable High price-performance ■ 10-12m ■ 24-66

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B7 YCK6107HP / YCK6117HP Main Features: High price-performance Special for tourism market Large passenger capacity Large luggage space Safety and reliability, strong carrying capacity ■ 10-11m ■ 45+1+1(max. 49)

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B6 YCK6106HG3 / YCK6116HGL3 / YCK6126HG4 / YCK6106HGW3 / YCK6116HGWL3 / YCK6126HGW11 Main Features: Awards: “ China Bus Silver Award” “China Tourist Bus Silver Award” High cost-performance: 10% lower price than other suppliers High grade ability of sleeper bus: ≧20 Super large luggage compartment: 20% larger than ordinary one Excellent performance ■ 10-12 m ■ 24-53+1+1

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BRT YCK6180HC / YCK6128HC Main Features: Optimal power configuration High strength, special steel & full loading bus body Professional design : 18m Articulated bus with two compartments Electric wheelchair lift Low entrance design Humanized inner space ■ 18m & 12m ■ 24-68(169) / 20-42(86)

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C8-C12 YCK6805HC2 / YCK6850HC3 / YCK6895HC1 / YCK6105HC4 / YCK6126HC1 Main Features: Award: “Silver Medal of City Bus” High intensity chassis configuration Energy-saving, environmental protection power Durable Specialized and humanized design ■ 8-12 m ■ 15-42 (45-92)

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DC Series Main Features: Economic, utility and reliable Reasonable design & high performance Low exhaust & super sapce

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Pure Electric Bus & Mix-power Bus Main Features: Pure electric bus: Gain China national patent in: battery, electrical machine and controller Drive 500km after one time charge Mix-power Bus Diesel engine and Super capacitor (import from USA ) Energy saving and environmental protection Strong durability, high security ■ 11m & 12m ■ 15-42 (45-92) YCK6118HEC / YCK6128HEC / YCK6128HEVC

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A5 YCK6799HP / YCK6849HP / YCK6899HP Main Features: Awards: “Tourist Bus Silver Award” “Customers’ Most Satisfaction Product” Perfect mountain-climbing performance Durable and Safe Economical and fuel-saving ■ 8-9 m ■ 24-37+1+1

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B5 Main Features: Elegant appearance Strong driving power and perfect mountain-climbing performance Comfortable and elegant Durable and satisfactory Low fuel consumption ■ 8.96*2.5*3.45m ■ 37+1+1

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A3 YCK6603 / YCK6748 Main Features: Short & middle tourism demand / rural market Specialized design With reliable safeguard Mature and reliable specification ■ 6m & 7 m ■ 10-31

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Zonda Quality Rolling Test ■ Zonda has passed below certificate: ISO9001:2000 Standard SABS South Africa certificate EC (European Certificate) ■ Zonda is under approval of GCC certificate

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