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Ramadan Episode no. 08

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1 Did you know Dislike or hatred is something more easily eliminated during Ramadan than at other times.  The Prophet (PBUH) said that the best charity in Ramadan is setting things right between people who are in conflict, even those who harbor hatred for one another.

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Did you know When Ramadan comes, the gates of Paradise are open and the doors of Hell are closed and the devils are locked up.  Why then do we still have bad thoughts?  Scholars say that these bad thoughts  originate from our own souls  of things already implanted in us from Satan.  Therefore Ramadan is another blessing in that it is a time to see what condition our soul is in and take notice of our shortcomings.

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Did you know It is a well known fact that the Prophet  (PBUH) was a generous person. During Ramadan, he was even more generous. His companions  described him like a wind that bears gifts.  Therefore  Ramadan is a good time to shed the disease of miserliness. Hamza yusuf

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