Mother's Day


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I deleted personal photos. When I gace this to my mom as a mother's day gift, she shed tears - she loved it! Would be good to share and make other mom's happy, too! You can insert your mom's photo on the first slide and yours on the last.


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Mommy : 

Mommy Mother’s Day May 11, 2008

from giving birth : 

from giving birth to being mom and dad at the same time…

working… : 

working… providing food for the table… teaching…

Slide 4: 

Left you with no time for chitchats when others spend their time doing just that. Well .I’m thankful for that, you were different from people close to us who loved to talk of other’s faults

Slide 5: 

No time for yourself when you should be dancing and having a good time once in a while…

Slide 6: 

My best memories? …your being Santa Claus to me and my cousins…and having the best Christmas present

Slide 7: 

…being pampered with tasty foods when I was sick, My best memories?

Slide 8: 

…and having fashionable children’s dresses of my time My best memories?

Slide 9: 

And even as I grew up …you were there to guide me make the right choices

Slide 10: 

…shared the highs in my life

Slide 11: 

… and the lows

Slide 12: 

… with your strong and deep faith, you always remind me there is always Someone to watch over me

Slide 13: 

… And even now as you are in your twilight years your unwavering support has been my anchor, an angel on the ground sent by heavens…

Slide 14: 

…the GREATEST MOM anyone can ever have… GREATEST MOM

Slide 15: 

I wish I could give you this……

Slide 16: 

A beautiful place to go…

Slide 40: 

Nature walking and enjoying God’s gifts

Slide 41: 

Unwind from the daily grind of everyday life

Slide 42: 

Swim with the butanding in Donsol

Slide 43: 

Rest from computers, household budgeting and your greatgrandchildren ENZ’s and LEI’s occasional baby woes

Slide 44: 


Slide 48: 

But knowing you, just a simple I LOVE YOU is enough I LOVE YOU

Slide 49: 


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