How to Calibrate a DP Pressure Transmitter


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Generally, pressure transmitters are used to calculate pressure of liquids or gases. Such pressure is the power that's needed is to stop either a gas or liquid from increasing. Generally referred to as pressure sensors, the gadgets generate electric functional signals that indicate the level of pressure imposed.


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Different Types Of Transmitters:

Different Types Of Transmitters

Pressure Transmitter:

Pressure Transmitter Pressure transmitters are broadly used in various applications for controlling and monitoring pressure.

Gauge Transmitter:

Gauge Transmitter A gauge pressure transmitter is used to check pressure relative to atmospheric pressure.

Vacuum Transmitter:

Vacuum Transmitter Vacuum Transmitter can be used to calculate pressure under atmospheric pressure and even absolute pressure.

Sealed Transmitter:

Sealed Transmitter Basically suitable for calculating pressure relative to fixed pressure.

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