Informal Letter Writing

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Informal Letter Writing

5 main steps... : 

5 main steps... Understand the Task. Be clear about the Purpose of the task. Know your Audience. Remember the Format. Think through the Development.

1. Understand the TASK : 

1. Understand the TASK You need to be clear about the task. Task = Whether you have to write a: Formal letter Informal letter Speech Report Proposal Brochure Always read the question through carefully at least twice.

2. Be clear about the PURPOSE of the task. : 

2. Be clear about the PURPOSE of the task. Are you to persuade, to complain, to explain, to argue, to relate to an incident? Purpose can affect your style of writing. For example: What kind of formal letter? A complain? A recommendation? What kind of informal letter? Advice? To thank a person?

3. Know your AUDIENCE : 

3. Know your AUDIENCE Important to know your audience. Why? Knowing the audience will determine how formal the language use should be. For example: If you are writing a letter to a friend, the language you use i.e. the words you use will take a more relaxed and informal tone.

Know your AUDIENCE (Cont.)? : 

Know your AUDIENCE (Cont.)? If you are writing a letter to an important someone / an authoritative figure, the language use should have a more serious and formal tone. Formality is a sign of respect.

4. FORMAT (Informal)? : 

4. FORMAT (Informal)? Date -----------------(leave a line)------------------------ Sender's Address -----------------(leave a line)----------------------- Dear Jennifer, -----------------(Body of letter)---------------------- Lots of love, Michelle

5. Think through the DEVELOPMENT : 

5. Think through the DEVELOPMENT Knowing what goes into the body of the letter. Body of letter should include: Introduction Body Conclusion

Think through the DEVELOPMENT : 

Think through the DEVELOPMENT Introduction: Give background information into the purpose of the letter. Body: Elaborate in detail using information given Should have 3 – 5 paragraphs Conclusion: Opinions, suggestions, appreciation...



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