The Top Five Business Schools in America


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Having an MBA from a top US university can set a path for a successful career. There is no unique way of estimating the quality of a university. For instance, USN (United States News) created their new list based the success of university according to the success of their students...


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The Top Five Business Schools in America Having an MBA from a top US university can set a path for a successful career. There is no unique way of estimating the quality of a university. For instance USN United States News created their new list based the success of university according to the success of their students. USN evaluated student’s success based on several parameters: the job placement salary selectivity assignments by their peers etc. But this is just one way of measuring university and its success. Thus we created a list that will consider some other factors such as the argument of history. Here are the top five business schools. 5. Berkely Haas School of Business: Berkely deserves the spot on the list for numerous reasons. First and foremost it is the only public school on this list costing only 57000 per year. Its Haas School of Business often finds itself on almost any top-ten lists when evaluation US business schools. Furthermore it is the second oldest business school in the US. The founder of the school is Walter Haas Levi Strauss. Haas is also a very progressive and open almost half of the students being women which isn’t quite common in business schools. If this list were about top public business schools Berkely would undoubtedly be the number one on that list.

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But Haas can’t compete with the most prestigious schools since it is a public school. However it would be interesting to see what other private universities would achieve if they had the same funds Haas has. 4. Stanford Graduate School of Business: Stanford Graduate School of Business is located in Palo Alto and is considered as one of the best many claims the best business schools in the US its tuition and fees costing roughly around 67000. The reason why Stanford is so high on the list is due to lower job placement compared to other schools. Stanford is very popular and very selective university accepting only 7 of all applicants. Furthur more Stanford is a research university and its proximity to the Californian Silicon Vally plays a role in universities success. Why does it deserve to be on this list Well: Google Nvidia and Hewlett-Packard are just three reasons. 3. Sloan School of Management MIT: “Mens et Manus” is the motto of Sloan School of Management emphasizing the importance of both theory and practice while most schools emphasize theory. The school enrolls approximately 1200 students scholarship fees costing somewhere around 68000. When in Sloan you have three options: enterprise management entrepreneurship and innovation and finance. This high selectiveness allows for the further sharpening and specialization of its students. While MIT is mostly known for its engineering success its business graduates are equally successful. Moreover due to the today’s needs businessman need to have the brain of an engineer. Some of the most notable companies of Sloan students are Akamai Lotus Software HubSpot etc. 2. The Wharton School: If you graduate from Wharton School there is 90 chance give or take that you will get in just three months. However Wharton’s reputation notability and popularity don’t come cheap. Wharton will cost you somewhere around 74000 and is the second most expensive school in the US you can guess the first. Furthermore Wharton is the oldest business schools in the US. Donald Trump Elon Musk and Warren Buffet are just some of the figures that attended Wharton. Furthermore its alumni “rule” the business world and are CEO’s of Google Apple LinkedIn Pepsi Time and many other successful companies. I guess this is a good indicator of how powerful and efficient this school is. Interestingly enough Wharton’s undergraduates are mostly interested in finance specifically investment banking and private equity. Also together with Forbes U.S. News World Report named Wharton as the best business school in the US.

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1. Harvard Business School: Located in Massachusetts Cambridge HBS has the oldest and the most expensive MBA program. Furthermore HBS is thought to be the best business school not just in the US but worldwide. HBS costs somewhere around 75000 per year. HBS accepts roughly 2000 students. Why is HBS the first on the list In 2017 U.S. News World Report tied it with Wharton while Bloomberg Businessweek put HBS on the first spot. But HBS is not the best because newspapers said it is. Instead Harvard’s employees and curriculum are what makes it the best. For instance the HBS most notable case study “throws” students in a particular situation forcing them to act and apply what they learned. Furthermore HBS is strict when it comes to the first- year curriculum and students can’t choose any courses whatsoever assuring that every student has the basic understanding of the curriculum. Things such as these make HBS the best HBS. Edward Schinik is the CEO of Yorkville Advisors

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