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What Types of Injuries Qualify for Workers’ Compensation Under New York Law Types of Workers Compensation Benefits Reason To Hire A Worker’s Compensation Attorney

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What Types of Injuries Qualify for Workers’ Compensation Under New York Law In order to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits your on-the-job accident must fall under one of the following categories: ● You must work for a company and in a capacity that qualifies for workers’ compensation coverage under the laws of New York. ● The injury or disability you have sustained must have occurred at your place of employment or during the scope of employment. ● You must have provided your employer with written notice of your accident or what you believed caused your injuries within 30 days of the occurrence. ● You will need a medical report that links your injury disability or illness to an on-the-job accident or condition.

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Types of Workers Compensation Benefits ● Payments equal to two-thirds of your average weekly pay ● Reduced earning compensation to compensate you for your decreased ability to work if you have suffered a partial disability ● Medical treatment and rehabilitation from healthcare professionals Compensation for extremity injuries such as damage to your arms legs hands and feet ● Reimbursement for traveling to physicians and therapists ● Any other out of pocket expenses related to your injury such as the cost for prescriptions

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Reason To Hire A Worker’s Compensation Attorney When you are injured at work or during the scope of employment it is important to understand what is and what is not covered under New Yorks’ worker’s compensation laws. These laws set a strict guideline that outlines what your rights are in pursuing compensation. Just because you are injured on the job it does not mean that you are automatically entitled to compensation. Without the help of an experienced attorney who specifically handles these types of cases it may be nearly impossible for you to obtain the full and fair compensation that you deserve.

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Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Who Can Help You Justice means getting fair compensation. Without the help of a workers’ compensation law firm to properly and aggressively handle your case you may not get the fair compensation that you deserve for your injuries and losses. The attorneys at Gersowitz Libo Korek P.C. focus a major part of their practice in matters involving workers compensation. Whether you have suffered a workplace injury or simply need the assistance of an experienced workers compensation lawyer New York City we can provide the experience strategy and commitment that yield results.

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