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How to get a Spain Visa UK -A step by step guide

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We all hold a different love and respect for the country Europe and no doubt, all the places in Europe are amazingly connected to each other, be it in the land or in air. The visas for Spain do not hold much difference from the Schengen Country as Spain itself is a part of one. A Spain visa has some rules and regulations that must be followed if you're creating one and to gather detailed data of the same, let us move forward.   It is important to note down that your stay in Spain with a Spain visa cannot be more than 90 days. On the other hand, if you wish to travel to some other country within the dates of your travel to Spain, always try and mention the same for easier access to the procedures.

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The documents that are required for the application of a Spain visa are as follows: You need a leave letter or a no objection letter from the company you're working for A passport size photograph Your passport Travel insurance policy You definitely need financial proof to show that you can live in Spain. For a basic stay, you at least need 70 euros per day in Spain. A flight ticket or proof of flight reservation Spain visa application form A letter that sums up all your planning of the trip   There are many agencies that provide Spain visa UK for you to go through a smooth procedure before a trip.  

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The documents that are to be submitted have certain specification as well and they are as follows:   The passport must have at least 3 months of validity for after your stay in Spain. It should also have 2 blank pages minimum and you must also have a photocopy of the current and previous passport if any . Your passport size photograph must have a plain white background. The size of the photo must be4.5cm X 3.5cm and it must not be more than 6 months old. You travel insurance policy must have a signature of you. Also, it must follow the EU Guidelines and cover at least 30,000 euros . The policy must have 15 days of validity after your return back to your native place . It is to be kept in mind that it isn't necessary to own a flight ticket while you're applying for a visa or going through all the procedures of it. You can also book a ticket of the same after completing all the formalities but you just need to show the agencies that you have a confirmed flight ticket going on for the sake of assurance.

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For financial proof, you need to provide your salary status of the last 6 months, 3 months statement of your personal bank, pan card xerox and lastly, 3 years status of the income tax file.   To conclude, it is also vitally important to mention the cause of your visit to Spain. An authorization letter with the signature of the applicant is to be showcased for the sake of verification.   For More Details Visit Website : Visasrus

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