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PDFmyURL easily turns web pages and even entire websites into PDF KAFKA INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Here are a few Kafka Interview Questions for you Which of the following is not a core API in Kafka Q 1 Storage Producer Streams Connector Which node accounts for reads/writes for Kafka partition Q 2 Central Leader Replicas Follower Which of the following is the Message Broker in SMACK technologies Q 3 Apache Kafka Cassandra Apache Mesos Apache Spark Which of the following is a real time processing system present in Apache Kafka Q 4 Which one of the following is not a component of Apache Kafka Q 5 Which of the following is a feature of Kafka architecture Q 6 HOME EXAMS CONTESTS BLOGS SUPPORT ABOUT US DOWNLOAD APP Login Register

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PDFmyURL easily turns web pages and even entire websites into PDF Combined Event Processing Customer Event Processing Complex Event Processing Cluster Event Processing Broker Mesos Zookeeper Producer Low Overhead and High Throughput High Overhear and Low Throughput Low Overhead and Low Throughput High Overhead and High Throughput SUBMIT Some useful information that will help you brush up on Kafka Interview Questions If you are not familiar with Kafka or have any query about its installation operation and usability this Apache Kafka tutorial can truly help you. Here we are explaining all useful information about Apache Kafka that will provide a clear understanding about it. What is Apache Kafka A powerful distributed publish-subscribe messaging system that is designed to replace old message brokers. It was originally developed by LinkedIn Now Apache Software Foundation currently manage it. Kafka is used for application streaming and data processing. It is highly scalable fast and fault-tolerant messaging application. Kafka was originally written in Java and Scala programming language. It is a strong platform for distributed applications. Current Apache Kafka stable version is 2.0.0. You can download it from ofcial website and documentation is available.  Messaging System A messaging system is a medium that transfer data from one application to another. There is two way to send data from one end to other. First one is a point-to-point messaging system and other is pub-sub Publish-subscribe messaging system. Most of the application used a pub-sub pattern for messaging.

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PDFmyURL easily turns web pages and even entire websites into PDF Point-to-point messaging system: - In this pattern a message can be consumed by only one consumer. One who produces a message called sender and other consumers are known as a receiver. A message is consumed by only one consumer at a time because only one message can be available in the queue. Pub-sub messaging system: - This is new technology and most of the applications use this pattern for messaging. A producer is called publisher and consumer is referred as subscriber. In this system message can be received by several consumers at a time.  Why Kafka is very much popular Kafka is mostly used in real-time streaming data architectures that gives real-time analytics. As you know Kafka is very fast and scalable which makes it applicable for things like tracking service calls or tracking IoT sensor data. Kafka provides an excellent performance that’s why it is very popular. It is stable and scalable that uses Pub-sub messaging system to send the message. There are other applications which are available that offers similar functionality but Kafka is very popular because Apache Kafka replicates events using ingest pipelines.  Kafka Use Cases Kafka is mostly used for tracking website activity stream processing monitoring log aggregation and real-time analytics. Apache Kafka Architecture Apache Kafka is integrated with Apache storm Apache HBase in order to process real-time streaming data. Kafka is deployed as a cluster implemented many servers. It is capable to store ‘topics’ which include streams of ‘records’ .  Kafka Cluster Kafka cluster typically consists of multiple brokers to maintain load balance. The brokers are stateless so they use ZooKeeper for maintaining their own cluster state. Apache ZooKeeper Apache ZooKeeper is used to maintain Kafka broker. It is used to notify producer and consumer about new broker or failure of a broker in Kafka system. Producer A producer is used to push data to broker. When a new broker is appeared in apache cluster producer search it and send the message to broker. Consumer A consumer used to receive message by using partition offset.  Kafka architecture basically used four APIs:

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PDFmyURL easily turns web pages and even entire websites into PDF Producer API: - Producer API give permission to the application to publish stream of records to topics. Consumer API: - It permits an application to subscribe to topics and processes stream of records. Connector API: - This API executes the reusable consumer and producer APIs that can link to existing applications. Streams API: - It convert input stream to output. This API takes input from one topic and produce an output to one or more.   Kafka T opic Apache Kafka topics built of several partitions. Kafka stores topic in logs a topic log is broken into partitions. Kafka store log’s partitions across multiple servers. A T opic can have many subscribers that is called as consumer group. It is broken into partitions for speed and scalability. Some of the important Interview questions on Kafka    What is Apache Kafka    What are consumers and users    What are the types of traditional method of message transfer    Explain Apache Kafka Use Cases    What is the role of offset    What is the role of ZooKeeper    What is the main difference between Kafka and Flume    What are Replication tools and its types    Explain Different APIs of Kafka    What is the purpose of retention period in Kafka Cluster    What do you know about partition in Kafka    Difference between traditional queuing systems vs Apache Kafka    Difference between point-to-point and pub-sub messaging system.    What is Data log in Kafka    State Disadvantages of Apache Kafka.   Last Word Kafka is very fast and powerful among all other distributed messaging system. Apache Kafka Installation process is simple and available on the internet. A fault-tolerant messaging application makes it more popular nowadays. Some of the many Kafka Interview Questions listed below will help you get an idea about what questions gets asked in such jobs related to Software Engineering T ech. Get through the Kafka Interview bar with our selected Kafka Interview Questions for all Kafka enthusiasts

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PDFmyURL easily turns web pages and even entire websites into PDF ` For thousands of similar Kafka Interview Questions login to our Website or download EduThrill. Experience the thrill of challenging people around the world on Kafka Interview Questions HOME EXAMS SUPPORT ABOUT US PRIVACY POLICY Copyright 2018 EDUTHRILL . All Rights Reserved.

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