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Professional Communication for Recruitment and Employability Group discussion Created by : Upmanyu sharma (A2305213508) Shivam verma (A2305213501) Utkarsh agarwal (A2305213490) Course : B.Tech .-CSE 2013-2017

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What is Group Discussion:

What is G roup Discussion Group discussion(GD) is basically an interactive oral process. GD is a group process i.e. it involves both person to person as well as person to group discussion. GD is systematic. GD is purposeful and goal oriented activity.

Group Discussion v/s Debate.:

Group Discussion v/s Debate. Group Discussion differs from Debate in nature, approach, and procedure. Debate advocates a particular point of view WHILE GD raise a particular issue for a positive exchange of views . Debate competitive in nature WHILE GD is basically cooperative group process. Debate is more formal in procedure than GD.

Characteristics of successful Group Discussions:

Characteristics of successful G roup D iscussions Use of effective communication techniques. Cooperative and friendly atmosphere. Equitable distribution of participation. Goal oriented interaction. Agreement on group goals. Agreement on procedures. Shared leadership.

Group Discussion strategies:

Group Discussion strategies Start the GD. In order to start the GD the assertive ,natural leader will have to remind the group of its group and request them to start the discussion without wasting time. An example of opening line; My dear friends, may I have your attention please? As you know, we have to complete the discussion in 45 minutes and we have already used up five minutes. I think we should start the discussion now .

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Contribute systematically When a participant makes a contribution , she/he should ensure that her/his contribution. Relate to what has previously been said by other members, Focuses on the theme of the discussion . Deals with the specific point of the consideration. Is directed towards the overall objective of the GD.

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Creating a friendly cooperative atmosphere A friendly , cooperative atmosphere encourages effective and positive deliberations. Make it an enjoyable experience. Don’t make it too serious and boring.

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Handling conflict Conflict is natural in group activity Expect differences of opinions during a GD. Don’t let conflicting opinions go against the basic purpose of a GD. Don’t be a silent spectator when two or more people are in conflict. Clarify conflicting statements given by group members preventing personal differences .

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Effecting closure In order to complete the GD within allotted time one should remind the group its goal and request them to reach to a group consensus. Summarize the progress made by the group. put forward the common points of agreement. Indicate the differences that need to be resolved.

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