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GROUP DISCUSSION Submitted to: Mr. Parveen Kumar

What is Group Discussion?:

What is Group Discussion? COLLECTIVE EFFORT FOR COLLECTIVE KNOWLEDGE Group Discussion is a modern method of assessing students personality. It is a technique, an art and a comprehensive tool to judge the worthiness of the student and his appropriateness for the job.

WHY Group Discussion?:

WHY Group Discussion? To resolve a problem or an issue To analyze or interpret To share experiences or observations


WHAT DO WE NEED FOR A GOOD GD? Team Work Reasoning Leadership Awareness Understanding Independent Thinking Respect Credibility Listening

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1 . Case-based GD : In case based GD, a problem is determined and together with other group members a satisfying solution is found. 2. Topic-based GD : In topic based GD, a topic is given to a group of people to discuss. The topic is basically in the form of a statement. Factual GD: In factual GD, the topics are based on the facts which are all over accepted. The topic of discussion may include current issues. Examples : The education policy in India State of the aged in the nation

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Abstract GD : In abstract GD, the topics cannot be touched, easily defined or formulated. Examples : Bigamy Computer viruses Controversial GD: In controversial GD , the topics are very controversial. Examples : Reservations should be removed Women make better managers

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Avoid slang Clarity in speaking Knowledge of the topic is necessary. If you are not aware of the topic, do not initiate. Be comfortable while speaking. A GD is not a stage. It is an open platform. Use simple language Address the entire group.

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