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Technology tools for the English Classroom.


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Engag-ENG & Inspir-ENG Tools: Technology for the English Classroom:

Engag -ENG & Inspir -ENG Tools: Technology for the English Classroom Danielle K. Vogel @ cybersavvygirl www.cybersavvygirl.com www.edugatorvogel.com

Engag-ENG & Inspir-ENG Objectives:

Engag -ENG & Inspir -ENG Objectives What will I walk away with? A variety of FREE tools to enhance curriculum A plan to incorporate one (or more) tech tools in your classroom A tech treasure trove of ideas

Before We Get Started…:

Before We Get Started… Managing Tech & Creating Guidelines Creating Accounts Backchannel Questions Operating System

Twitter SoapBox:

Twitter SoapBox Fresh Ideas Collaboration Resource Sharing Build PLN @ cybersavvygirl Communicate with Students @ edugatorvogel Photo Cred : http://www.norebbo.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/soap_box_twitter.jpg

What’s the Point of Tech, Anyway?:

What’s the Point of Tech, Anyway? Learning is social & collaborative (tech makes that transparent) Tech tools increase engagement and learning potential Tech = Larger audience = Authentic learning Reproduced by permission of the publisher, © 2012 by tpack.org

Presentation Breakdown:

Presentation Breakdown “Quickies” – 45 minutes “Planners” – 45 minutes Choose Your Own Adventure Share/Final Thoughts


“Quickies” Quick and easy tools Engage your students IMMEDIATELY FREE!

Engag-ENG Tool:

Engag -ENG Tool Introduce Yourself Go to http://tinyurl.com/symposium500 Double-Click anywhere to create your Introduction I have posted mine to “inspire” Padlet.com

Another Engag-ENG Tool:

Another Engag -ENG Tool Remind 101 One-way text message to students & parents Messages can be scheduled Meet students WHERE they are getting information Try Remind 101 NOW! Try Remind 101 NOW

Other Engag-ENG tools:

Other Engag -ENG tools

Other Engag-ENG tools:

Other Engag -ENG tools

The “Planners”:

The “Planners” Tools that Require: Pre-planning Resource gathering Customization/Differentiation Student training

CrowdSource Resources:

CrowdSource Resources Mentor Mob MentorMob.com Create Learning Playlists Curate the Web Create “Learning Opportunities”

Engage Research:

Engage Research Capzles & Dipity Similar to MentorMob Timeline view Research a topic Put web resources in a timeline

Inspire Questioning:

Inspire Questioning Validity & Reliability of Web Resources – Is this a Hoax? Questions to Ask: Who created the page? What information are you getting? When was this article/page posted? Where is the webpage located? Why would I use this site as a source of information? Hoax Websites Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus Dihydrogen Monoxide The Jackalope Conspiracy Dog Island The Federal Vampire & Zombie Agency Lesson Plan – ReadWriteThink Is this a Hoax? Handout Inquiry Process (Canada) Got Credibility Form

Engage Readers:

Engage Readers Google Docs Cornell notes style Click “research” to define a word or concept Share with whole class or group Jigsaw http://www.greendale.k12.wi.us/google_files/BIGgoogle-apps-script-3.jpg.jpg

Engage Readers:

Engage Readers Apps Annotate while reading Track progress Embed discussion

Inspire Collaboration, Writing & Research:

Inspire Collaboration, Writing & Research Diigo – Social Bookmarking Annotate the web Highlight, Sticky Notes, Bookmark Encourage credible sources Encourage source questioning

Inspire Collaboration & Writing:

Inspire Collaboration & Writing Collaborize Classroom Interactive discussion board Multiple discussion types Attach documents, embed video Engage all learner types Track participation

Brain Break:

Brain Break Why? Re-Energize Re-Focus Think with another part of your brain Move! Hand Shake Get with a partner Decide who is A and who is B Follow my directions

How Do You Feel?:

How Do You Feel?

Choose Your Own Adventure:

Choose Your Own Adventure Choose one or more of the tools shared Fill out the Google Form – Linked on edugatorvogel.com/

Sharing Showcase:

Sharing Showcase How will you use tech tools in your classroom?


Fin Questions Comments Final Thoughts


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