Tweet! Tweet! Build Your PLN with Twitter

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Tweet! Tweet!Build Your PLN Using Twitter Danielle K. Vogel Technology Trainer - @cybersavvygirl VBHS English Teacher

What is a PLN?:

What is a PLN? P ersonal/ P rofessional L earning N etwork About making Connections/Building Relationships About Sharing Ideas, Resources, Collaborating, Learning Global

Professional Learning 1.0:

Professional Learning 1.0 Information/Communication structure Less open Information consumed rather than shared Image:

Professional Learning 2.0:

Professional Learning 2.0 Information Sharing Open Multiple Resources Global Image:

What has My PLN Done for Me Lately?:

What has My PLN Done for Me Lately? Learn anywhere and at anytime Share & network with other educators/professionals Stay up-to-date New Resources New Blog Posts Upcoming events (live & virtual) Tweet-ups Backchannel during a conference/presentation NETS*T (3)

Why Build Your Own PLN Using Twitter?:

Why Build Your Own PLN Using Twitter? Not just another “social networking tool” Different from Facebook Twitter connects educators & professionals for personalized and on-going PD Get/Give advice, share work, share thoughts about education, find links

The Twittersphere:

The Twittersphere Micro-Blogging Tool 140 Characters Tweets Following/Followers @Replies Hash (#) Tags Links Shorten (, Image:

Creating Your Twitter Account:

Creating Your Twitter Account Choose a UNIQUE username that represents YOU cybersavvygirl Choose an Avatar Add your location Add a link to your blog or website Complete your bio Here’s Mine: Techno-Savvy High School Teacher, Technology Trainer, UF Doctoral Candidate, Lover of Laughter

Now, Tweet Away!:

Now, Tweet Away! Find some people to follow cybersavvygirl Educators in this room Lurk Check out what other users are saying & how they say it Tweet (Contribute) Share a link, something you’ve learned in the last two days Use hash tag #sdirc11 Stay with it

Don’t Forget!:

Don’t Forget! Check out Links to Twitter Clients (iPhone, iPad, Android) Videos Blog Posts



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