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Learn about embed codes and FREE sites to showcase your lessons and student work utilizing various embed codes.


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PowerPoint Presentation:

LET’S MAKE YOUR WEBSITE FUN, DYNAMIC & ENGAGING!!! Danielle K. Vogel – Presenter @ Edugatorvogel

Assumptions (Yup, I’m making them…!):

Assumptions (Yup, I’m making them…!) You have already created a Professional Web Presence! You are familiar with the web authoring features of your website! You are looking to make your website more Dynamic & FUN!

Here’s What We’re Going To Do…:

Here’s What We’re Going To Do… Learn about Embed Codes Use Embed Codes to… Check out some AWESOME ways to make a website DYNAMIC, FUN & ESSENTIAL to student success! The BEST Part? It’s ALL FREE!

The Embed Code – A Scenario:

The Embed Code – A Scenario Suhweet !!! I found this pretty rockin ’ YouTube video of the DNA Strand & I want my students to watch it. But…I don’t want them to have to leave my website. Hmmm!!!

The Embed Code – A Scenario:

The Embed Code – A Scenario Psst …Click “Share” to get the Embed Code. Then, your students won’t have to leave your website to see the video!

PowerPoint Presentation:

Dude…That ROCKS! Wait?! What’s an Embed Code?! An Embed Code let’s you put a video or another multimedia object right on your website!

Find the Embed Code The DNA Song:

Find the Embed Code The DNA Song 1. Click Share 2. Click Embed 3. Highlight & Copy Embed Code

PowerPoint Presentation:

Now that I’ve got the code, what the heck do I do with it?! The code is pasted into your website. Here I’ll show you…

Embed Code How-To:

Embed Code How-To Steps to Insert Code Insert a Content Box Give Content Box a Title Describe the Video/Application Select HTML from the top menu Paste the code & Click Insert HTML Publish the page Here’s a Video Tutorial

So Much More Than YouTube:

So Much More Than YouTube Steps Remain the Same! Insert a Content Box Give Content Box a Title Describe the Video/Application Select HTML from the top menu Paste the code & Click Insert HTML Publish the page Discover the Fun! Google Docs, Forms & Presentations AuthorStream Animoto Photobucket Widgets

Warning! Fast Moving Instruction Comin’ @Ya!:

Warning! Fast Moving Instruction Comin ’ @ Ya ! You are NOT allowed to FREAK out!

GoogleDocs, Forms & Presentations:

GoogleDocs , Forms & Presentations Create Embed Code to: Gather Information Share Presentations (PowerPoint)

Create a Google Form:

Create a Google Form Select Create > Form Title Form – Be OBVIOUS! Create Questions First Two are created for you Click Pencil to edit Click Add Item to create more questions 1. 2. 3.

Google Forms – Embed Code:

Google Forms – Embed Code Click More actions > Embed Follow the Steps to Insert Code ~ Click Here to go back to the steps! 1. 2.

Google Presentation:

Google Presentation Two Ways to Use Upload created PPT WARNING! PPT does NOT always convert! Create Presentation & Embed 1. 2.

AuthorStream :

AuthorStream Want to do MORE with PPT? Have a PPT with voice narration? Have Custom Animations on a PPT that you don’t want “lost in translation”? Want privacy choices?

AuthorStream – Upload PPT:

AuthorStream – Upload PPT Click Upload > Single File Upload Browse to find your file Fill out file info. Make File public to get embed code Follow the Steps to Embed Code

PowerPoint Presentation:

Share What’s Happenin ’ Create Slide Shows with Embed Codes Upload Photos/Videos Choose Tools > Slideshows

PowerPoint Presentation:

Create Photobucket Slideshow #1 #3 #2

Get Embed Code:

Get Embed Code Click HTML Code Follow Steps to Embed Code

Viola! Photobucket Slideshow!:

Viola! Photobucket Slideshow!


Widgets Countdown Clock Calendar Search Bar Calculator Chat Social media

Find a Widget:

Find a Widget Use Google (or your favorite search engine) to find widgets for your Website The BEAUTY You KNOW the steps to finding & applying an EMBED CODE Now, find widgets you want to use! I like Countdown Clocks, Calendars & Twitter Feeds! 4. Simply search > fill in > copy code > Use the Steps to Embed Code


Reminders! Update your site OFTEN to keep kids engaged and coming back Most sites have ways to EMBED content on your site ALWAYS refer to the Steps to Embed Code Need help: email, direct message on Twitter @ cybersavvygirl /@ edugatorvogel or call 772.564.5464



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