Difference between FPM and PGDM Courses in India

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Students who want to make a career in management field are often confused between FPM and PGDM courses. They are not aware of the basic differences between both courses. To help them out, this presentation describes these differences.


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FPM vs. PGDM Courses:

FPM vs. PGDM Courses FPM and PGDM Courses are part of management courses in India. Though, both allow you to get a job in managerial positions, but there is a huge difference between them. In this presentation, we will take a look at the common differences between them, so you can select the one which suits you most.

Who Can Pursue Which One?:

Who Can Pursue Which One? PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. PGDM Course can be pursued by undergraduates only. FPM stands for Fellowship Program in Management. Only postgraduates can apply for it. PGDM FPM

Career Opportunities?:

Career Opportunities? PGDM pursuers can grab job opportunities offered by both public and private sectors. There are many multi-national companies across the world, offering numerous vacancies. Those who want to conduct research in the field of management can join this course. PGDM FPM

Career Opportunities continues..:

Career Opportunities continues.. PGDM pursuers can work as managers, CEOs, or chairman in big organizations. They will have to balance the requirements of stakeholders in a business. There are different fields such as medical, engineering, marketing, and market fluctuations which FPM pursuers can do research in. PGDM FPM

Global Career Opportunities:

Global Career Opportunities Since PGDM colleges in India offer their candidates a facility to work with foreign students to give them international exposure. That is why many international companies prefer hiring them. There are also huge demands for FPM candidates in the global market. They can work as a research analyst in MNCs. PGDM FPM

In Conclusion:

In Conclusion If you have an interest in leading your company to a path of success, you can join the PGDM course. If you want to become a remarkably remunerated professional and make changes in management field, you can join FPM course. PGDM FPM

For more….:

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