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IIP MOUNT - Newsletter of IIP Foundation activities and projects for the month of March-April 2016. Your suggestions and participation will make us grow faster and contribute in Empowering India. Please send your suggestion to info@iipedu.com and to contribute in our activities please call at 9999108208. Best regards Visit : www.iipedu.com


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U M T O N U M T O N PHOTOGRAPHER: ARNAB BASU UNSUBSCRIBE ABOUT PRESS CONTACT STAY CONNECTED Tel.: 9015 422322 infoiipedu.com BEHIND THE SCENES DURING PRO MODEL SHOOT... EDITION MARCH - APRIL 2016 VOL.5 Tips for wildlife photography Pg 2 This month that year Pg 4 IIP was the event partner of Top model India hunt Pg 5 Iipans capturing a product Pg 11 CEO’s Editor’s Desk Pg 12 Beti bachao beti padhao Pg 6 7 Behind the scenes Pg 1 5 It goes without saying that students specializing in fashion photography are always looking for practical opportunities to learn. IIP has always endeavoured to offer its students multiple avenues to experience the pleasure of photography whether its through outdoor classes workshops or participating in photo exhibitions. Recently IIP students who are pursuing Dual Diploma in Photography and specializing in fashion photography went on an outdoor fashion shoot to fine tune various aspects and experience learning by doing. This outdoor fashion shoot was conducted by IIP mentors at a farm house near Gurgaon. Apart from shooting with a professional model the other major highlights of this outdoor session were learning the stages of an outdoor fashion shoot various lighting techniques co-ordinating with the styling team and understanding the right make-up and hair style for optimum results. Students also learnt about the importance of color pallet in fashion shoots. Siffcy at Srifort A udi. Cont. pg 6 Cont. pg 6 Gandhi Smriti Darshan Samiti Ministry of Culture GOI and Nari Manch in association with Maulik Bharat CCBOS of India IIP Foundation and Sepia Advertising organized a one day seminar on ‘BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO’ on 30th March 2016 at the Constitutional Club Rafi Marg New Delhi. Photo Review Pg 24 IIP Online Student Pg 3 Artemisia Pg 8 Cultural values of India Pg 910

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U M T O N U M T O N Photo R eview Mukesh Pawar is an IIPian from 2015-16 batch student of Diploma in Photography. He is a passionate Product photographer and currently working with one of the finest Furniture export houses in Jodhpur. We are proud of him. We wish him a bright future and all success in life. Visual communication is about sharing a story/message/information through the pictures. One can have stand alone images but it is important to have something to say with the pictures for the viewer to engage with it. For example if we take the word silence for a picture then the same feeling should be evoked through the picture. Or picture of a person should portray the characteristics and emotions of the individual. Or a picture of place should focus on the architecture and geographical information. Picture here is more about the shapes and asymmetrical patterns. It does not strongly emphasize on the architecture. Further it fails to establish the visual communication element mentioned “Style”. Take extra batteries You never know how much time you will have to spend in the jungle to get the shot that you want so carrying extra batteries can ensure even if it takes a lot of time you will be ready to take the shot which might appear in front of you. Take high capacity memory cards In wildlife photography we tend to take a lot of photos so having high capacity memory cards is a must. Shoot on Burst Mode Set your camera to shoot on burst mode. Burst mode is required so that you do not miss any action. Anticipate the movement You need to have good anticipation skills so as to read the movements of the animals and keep track of them. This will ensure that you might get a good sighting. Have Patience Last but not the least to become an excellent wildlife photographer one must have a lot of patience as you never know for how much time one will have to wait to get one decent shot. Shoot with higher Shutter Speed Always Shoot with a higher shutter speed to get sharp clear pictures of the animals or birds that you are shooting with long focal length lenses. Use the Right Gear For shooting wildlife some specific focal length lenses are required. For Mammals a minimum 300mm and for birds a minimum of 500mm focal length lenses are required. Make sure you have the proper lenses to shoot the things you want. Use Teleconverters If you do not have that required focal length lenses then one can use Teleconverters which increase the focal length. Teleconverters usually come with 1.4x or 2x magnification that means if you have a 200mm lens and use a 2x teleconverter you achieve a 400mm focal length. The only drawback is that you loose approximately 2 stops of light. Use Shutter Priority or Aperture Priority modes Since you never know where your subjects would be in the bright light or dark shady areas using semi-automatic modes can be used to make the process of taking and changing the exposure very fast. Use Camouflage clothing Use of camouflage clothing can drastically improve your sightings as the animals will not take notice of you. Wearing bright color clothes alerts the animals from a very far distance. Tips for Wildlife Photography

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Photographs of the month by IIP Online Students Our Vision Our Mission IIP Foundation India aims at building an India where every citizen of the country possesses an equal right of living a happy contended healthy secured unbiased and prosperous life while having access to proper h e a l t h ca re q u a l i t y - o r i e nte d education and vocational skills irrespective of class creed gender social status religion and location. To broaden and accelerate the development of downtrodden and underprivileged communities by extending a helping hand towards them and enlighten them with knowledge and awareness they need regarding the issues related to their fundamental rights equality and social dignity. Rohan Roy Yogesh Ghaley Gurung Santosh Kumar You are our shooting star Keep Clicking Photography Simplified... Certifications of Weekend workshops and Sunday Photography Courses after completion... CONGRATULATIONS Sanjay Bhujel Qudratullah Pordily Juhi Shah

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U M T O N U M T O N 1. Composition: Without over-lapping the glasses would have given a separation between the elements. Also avoiding distortion due to overlap. 2. Keeping in mind a symmetrical background the framing is not balanced. It could be cropped. Also alighning the element in center of the frame. 3. In post production the reflections and fringing on the middle glass could have be controlled. 4. By changing your angle of view slightly refraction patterns could have been more cleaner without jagged edges. 1. Composition is not balanced as the picture has too much of empty space on the right side of the frame. Composition rule “rule of thirds” helps one balance the frame giving the emphasis to the key subject in the frame. 2. Submission mentions caption as “Waiting for the end”. Visually the emotional expression of the subject expresses the same. However when it comes to sharing a story of an individual it is vital to portray the message true to reality. 3. In post production by keeping the contrast towards the higher side the tonal depth of the image is lost. As the picture does not have good separation between the shades of black and white the image becomes flat. This month. That Year th On May 26 1895 famous American documentary photographer and photojournalist Dorothea Lange was born. She is best known for her Depression-era work for the Farm Security Administration. Langes photographs humanized the consequences of the Great Depression and influenced the development of documentary photography Every May since 1987 the United States celebrates National Photography Month. Throughout the country photography contests festivals exhibits and other activities mark this month. It also represents a time of reflection on the history of photography and how far it has grown. One of the biggest celebrations of the month takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from May 17-18. This Big Photo Show offers photo enthusiasts an opportunity to see touch try and buy photo equipment from top manufacturers learn picture taking tips from professionals discover the newest ways to display images and more. Migrant Mother. Dorothea Lange 1936. Photo R eview

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BECAUSE THERE’S A PHOTO GRAPHER IN YOU Enroll Today Enroll Today All 7 days open • Noida • Delhi • Gurgaon • Raipur • Mumbai IIP was the Event Partner of TOP MODEL INDIA MODEL HUNT The Indian Institute of Photography was associated with Top Model India Model Hunt an International model search competition as a co-organiser and photography creativity partner. IIP was also involved in the strategic planning and hosting of the event. The event saw participation by many aspirants across India with the grand finale th being held on 25 February 2016 at Hotel Radisson Blu Dwarka. The jury of the event included distinguished personalities like Mr. Mohammed Shoeb General Manager Radisson Ms. Swapna Pati the Founder and Managing Trustee of Swapnapati Foundation former model and Oriya actress Mr.Raaj Hiremath of "Khosla Ka Ghosla" movie fame and Mrs. Aabha Jha Choudhary TV Anchor Actor Writer Director Producer Social Activist. This event gave the students of IIP who are pursuing dual diploma a unique platform to put to practice their knowledge on model photography. They also interacted with various participants to understand their requirements while shooting a portfolio. Mr. Rajesh Goyal Director IIP Academy said that he was pleased to support the events of this kind as they gave IIP students a great exposure to the world of model photography. He also said that IIP Academy will continue to collaborate with various national and international events in the future also. The Finalists of Top Model India competition would participate in “Top Model Worldwide” competition to be held over the weekend of April 1st and 2nd 2016 at the stunning Hilton London Metropole. Apart from shooting with a professional model the other major highlights of this outdoor session were learning the stages of an outdoor fashion shoot various lighting techniques co- ordinating with the styling team and understanding the right make-up and hair style for optimum results. Students also learnt about the importance of colour pallet in fashion shoots. This outdoor session went a long way in instilling confidence in students and letting them discover more about fashion photography. It also presented an opportunity for students to do networking for future assignments. BEHIND THE SCENES Cont. pg 6

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Gandhi Smriti Darshan Samiti Ministry of Culture GOI and Nari Manch in association with Maulik Bharat CCBOS of India IIP Foundation and Sepia Advertising organized a one day seminar on ‘BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO’ on 30th March 2016 at the Constitutional Club Rafi Marg New Delhi. This seminar carried forward the vision of Shri Narendra Modi the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India to empower women in every sphere of life. The seminar saw participation by many eminent personalities including social activists senior lawyers and political leaders. The seminar was also attended by woman achievers from different sections of the society. Welcoming the participants and distinguished guests Shri. Rajesh Goyal Executive Chairman CCBOS IIP Foundation laid stress on many issues regarding woman and girl child. Mr. Goyal also exhorted the participants to take oath to protect the rights of woman. Issues that were mainly highlighted during the seminar included Female Infanticide Malnutrition Early Marriage Complications of Child Birth Domestic Violence Women Reservation Dowry Evil and Vocational Education for Women. At the end of the seminar awards were also given to exceptional women achievers including Smt. Poonam Prakash Shukla Social Activist and Writer Smt. Smita Pandey who has done pioneering work on community mental health Smt.Ishu Mittal eminent art personality among others.

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U M T O N U M T O N The rebuttal from customer is “What is the point of using a vaporizer if the windows are kept open It would only mean inviting more mosquitoes to come in” The question here is - Is it possible to avoid the use of mosquito repellants altogether We at IIP Foundation say “Why not” Plants represent one of the most accessible resources available for mosquito control by communities for centuries and at IIP Foundation we believe that there should be a continued use of this natural resource to add value to the current mosquito and mosquito-borne disease control strategies. Keeping this in mind we have started a “Dengue Free Drive” and we invite all of you to be a part of this drive. Artemisia is a natural herb that can be kept at home office schools institutions hospitals etc. for eliminating mosquito population. When a mosquito sits on this plant and sucks its juice it affects his nervous system and in turn it becomes ineffective to breed further. You can place it both indoors or outdoors. It is a therapeutic plant that will help to prevent yourself and your loved ones from deadly diseases like Dengue | Malaria | ZIKA | Chikunguniya Apart from this there are many other health benefits of Artemisia as well. The plant is Anti bacterial | Anti Viral | Anti oxidant | Helps control bronchitis and asthma Artemisia emits a pleasant fragrance that will energize your mind and body as well. Human illnesses from mosquito-borne viruses are becoming more common in India even in areas where they have not been reported before. The chance that you will fall ill from a mosquito bite is high however you can reduce your chances of becoming ill by protecting yourself from mosquito bites. There are basically two ways to prevent problems from mosquito bites. The first is to control or reduce mosquito population as much as possible. The second prevention tool is to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. Mosquito repellents may keep mosquitoes at bay but excessive use of these products for long periods could pose some serious health risks. According to the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission US “ long-term use of Alithrin and Prallethrin the two major chemicals in these products are hazardous to human health. They primarily affect our respiratory and immune systems and in extreme cases even our nervous system”. Smoke- based mosquito repellents such as coils can trigger wheezing attacks especially in those who are prone to allergies and asthma. Experts believe that excessive use of mosquito repellent creams and lotions too must be avoided. “It is a myth that these substances remain on the skin and so cant have any adverse effects. Actually lotions eventually get absorbed into the body and enter the bloodstream. So the safety of these products is also questionable. The manufactures say “If consumers adhere to the directions of use as mentioned on the labels there should not be any problem. For instance one should always use liquid vaporizers with the windows open and avoid excessive use of lotions and creams”.

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U M T O N U M T O N Congratulations to all the Winners Pranab Basak 1 PLACE 2 PLACE 3 PLACE Polaroid Photo Studio Kit + 3 Months Online Foundation Photography Course Manish Kachhawaha Pranab Basak 1 Month Online Beginners Photography Course 1 Month Online Beginners Photography Course Honourable Mentions Jan Skwara Sanghamitra Sarkar Pranab Basak Sujan Sarkar

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Iipians capturing products with finesse Product photography may seem simple to take but this technical type of photography is much harder to do well than you might think. A perfect product shot needs to properly display what it is and convey its message. We at IIP are making it easier for our students to do product photography through our unique step-by-step process. We believe that the key thing with product photography is to show as much detail as possible and this means minimising the amount of bright highlights or distracting shadows in the frame. Join brilliant IIPians pursuing top careers in photography The IIP Faculty is a healthy blend of academicians industry veterans scholars. This enables the students get a rich mix of both academics as well as industry experience. Class room sessions accompanied by practical experience along with State of the art facilities and equipment which includes a wifi enabled campus allows you to realize any vision concept or inspiration Our full scale internship program allows our students to gain real world experience by working with photographers media corporate houses etc. We focus on transdisciplinary approach to research which spans technology design and ideas that can transform the future of photography. We encourage collaborative projects that are motivated by artistic benefits. You can work with brands you admire. We believe creativity with collaboration is a sure shot formula for success. Develop your own aesthetic style in photography and photo imaging through industry training and academic study. Learn from the experts in purpose–built studios using modern technology digital equipment and software. We want our graduates to be creative thinkers and image makers to be able to find success as photographers and photo editors across all local and international industry sectors. Faculty Methodology Internship Research Collaborations SL G SL G SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM CLICK FOR A CAUSE Apply for SLG Scholarship Experience on LIVE Photography Projects www.iipedu.com UGC Approved Programs IIP Center: A-74 Sector 2 Near 15 Metro Station Noida | | | Call us: 9015 422 322 Limited Seats Registrations Open Accreditation by An IIP FOUNDATION Initiative Mukesh Pawar IIPian 2015-16 Heritage Product Photographer Jodhpur Vishal Bhagat IIPian 2014-15 Wildlife Photographer Multiple Locations Davinder Singh IIPian 2015-16 Official Photographer of The Great Khali Jalandhar From its inception in the year 2010 the Indian Institute of Photography has been committed to excellence in photography education and nurture successful independent-minded photographers. IIP programmes are research oriented and with internationally benchmarked curriculum. IIP also maintains strong alliances with the industry by incorporating professional photographic expertise in all educational programmes. No wonder IIP students are preferred by top corporates advertising agencies and studios and are successfully running their own business too. Make a choice from BFA – Photography Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and DDP – Dual Diploma Photography Programme

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U M T O N U M T O N Editors Desk Dear friends In this edition of IIP Mount you will find socially relevant articles too. While we were busy in education we were also active in social activities like organizing a seminar on BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO and gifting and distributing Artemisia plant - a prevention project to save Delhites from Dengue. In case you wish to contribute or be associated with IIP Foundation in any way do write to us at infoiipedu.com or call 9015-422-322. Do not forget to explore our new sections of the IIP websites where you can avail some attractive offers deals on IIP courses and many more. UNSUBSCRIBE ABOUT PRESS CONTACT STAY CONNECTED infoiipedu.com Greetings Best regards Rajesh Goyal | CEO Director Academics This newsletter will bring many social news articles to you as we have organized and participated in various events like BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO at Constitutional Club New Delhi in association with Gandhi Smriti Darshan Samiti NAARI Manch CCBOS of India Maulik Bharat Trust Sepia Advertising and Dialogue India magazine. You will also see results of CULTURAL VALUES OF INDIA Photography Contest organised in association with World Photography Club. We have also sponsored various other events pan India in association with various institutions. Students of DDPC had a vibrant time as they were either preparing their portfolios or were busy with their internship programs. It is very satisfactory that we are able to achieve paid internship to almost all the students who have submitted their portfolios. Students were shooting at various locations in outdoor studios and at SIMHASTA Ujjain KUMBH as well. A wild life tour was also organised to Jim Corbett for students interested in travel and wild life photography with Mentor Dhiraj Khatri. Once again its time to enroll batches for next session for which we have received quite a number of references from existing students and also from India and abroad. We are hopeful to receive good response this time as well. BFA in Photography will be introduced for the students who are keen to pursue Photography as their professional career with a style of their own. Here research will be the key and IIPs curriculum will be an answer to present international institutes in developed countries like USA England Canada and Australia. This all is for one vision which is Affordable yet internationally competent curriculum in India at competitive price. Editorial Board Content: Amit Srivastava Bhavya Goyal Artwork: Sepia Advertising Web design and Promotion Sepia Digital Picture Courtesy: IIPians Special Thanks: Ministry of Culture GOI Circulation: Print 500nos. Online - SMO Broadcasted from: Sepia Digital Printed at: Rajdhani Art Press Okhla Phase 2 delhi CEOs Desk Rajesh Goyal FULL TIME DUAL DIPLOMA IN PHOTOGRAPHY Affiliated with UGC recognized University Courses Offered • Sunday Photography Courses • Weekend Fashion Photography Classes • Multicity Weekend Photography Workshops • School/Corporate Workshops • Various Online Photography Courses • Photo Tours Memories Upcoming Photo: Manoj Gupta M Photo: Viji Suresh IIPians at Outdoor shoot 7th May 2016 ABES Engineering College NH 24 Vijay Nagar Ghaziabad

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