Science Community Support for K-12 PEI Schools

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Overview of PEI Science Community support for K-12 Schools


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PEI Science Community Supporting K-12 Science in PEI Schools

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● Gap exists - Schools Science Community ● SBC Program identified gaps in 2009 ● Created a list of potential initiatives 2011-2012 ● Science Teacher In-Service - Nov 2014 ● Provide resources to support classrooms ● Preliminary work with Dept of Ed ● Innovation PEI Inc. support Background

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● STAS - John Burka/Dept of Education ● Individual teacher - access ● Grade 5 Science day at NRC-INH ● Science Fair Elem/Inter/HS ● SBC HS Program - 11th year Resources in support of classrooms

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● Previous background work 2011-12 ● Teacher In-Service feedback/comments ● Meetings with Dept of Ed officials ● Needs of the Science Community/Province Initiatives

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Objective: To collaborate and work with students teachers and schools in Prince Edward Island creating an interest in education about and interaction with Science and the Science Community. This list of initiatives being put forward in support of science in schools by the Science Community is based on an identified need supports utilized in the past our past experiences science teacher in- services participation/feedback and the overall climate of costs related to resources time distance and travel. We are putting forward two methods of delivery on-site and off-site. On-site entails classroom physical visits and/or online video meetings. Off-site would also include school class visits to science facilities. Program Goals

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"Ask a Scientist ” Students can ask a professional scientist a science related question. The questions could be related to something they are studying at the time a Science Fair or SBC project or a question of general science interest. Delivery Method: onsite classroom visit email question and response online forum online video meeting D Program Initiatives

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“Meet a Career Scientist” This would be a presentation mode where experts have a chance to meet students and classes and present to them what they do and what they are working on. Meet the Scientist would be directed by the scientist or researcher choosing to share what they want to talk about their work their experiences their career path future opportunities. Delivery Method: onsite classroom visit online video meeting Program Initiatives

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“Science Buddy” Match a scientist or researcher with a class or school designed to provide real time access for a class of students to a researcher or expert from a leading PEI research institution or company for a month semester or longer. School or classes can utilize the community resources to have the “buddy” support them throughout a period of time their year of study semester project. The BioScience Buddy would provide direction and advice to enhance a curriculum component. Experts would agree to be the on call – a go to person where students and classes could build a relationship through regular contact with the expert. This BioScience Buddy could be invaluable when students and classes are conducting project work or periods of work over extended periods of time and require a knowledgeable familiar expert to rely on. Delivery Method: onsite visit initially online video meeting ongoing Program Initiatives

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“Science Mentor” We understand that the future of innovation lies in our children and that a child’s interest in Science could be sparked in the classroom. We also recognize that PEIs science teachers are key in igniting this spark and that it’s their commitment that compels a child’s desire to pursue their interest further. This would be a local mentoring program Professional Development an online resource network for science teachers. This program would focus on instilling an understanding of Science’s role in society and is designed to inspire the next generation of scientists and support science teachers’ needs both in and outside the classroom. Science teachers or specific teacher interest groups could be matched up with a scientist or researcher to provide mentoring support throughout the course of a school year. A support person for the teachers who can access who what when and where Science information and how it might be applied within the classroom with what they are teaching. Delivery Method: online video meeting Program Initiatives

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“Facility Visits” - Classes can arrange a field trip off-site to visit a science research institution or company. Delivery Method: off-site field trip visit Program Initiatives

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● Reach out to the science community for support ● Scientist volunteer to help ● Provided choices of when where and how they participate ● Collect data and create a resource database ● Dept of Ed houses resources ● Schools/Teachers access database ● Google Classrooms Community Google Hang Outs ● Dept of Ed and Science Community maintain and refresh the resources Approach

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● Access to the Science Community Network ● Help distribute/collect information on the initiative ● Help in promoting the initiatives across the community ie benefits knowledge of education about interest in interaction with Ask...

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Question - Comments Thank you ...

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