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Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin.Section: T121.Teacher: Doris Molero. : 

Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin.Section: T121.Teacher: Doris Molero. Final proyect. Level 1-English. Franco de Vita.

Agenda. : 

Agenda. About me.-Ednnys Bravo. * Unit I. Greetings and Intros. * Unit II. Countries and Nationalities. *Reflections. About me.- Edgardo Cubillan. * Unit III. Interesting Products. * Unit IV. Activities and Interests. * Reflections. About me.- Luis Arroyo. * Unit V:Food. Lesson A. Foods and eating habits * Unit VI: Family.Lesson B. Families, Big and Small. * Reflections. About me.- Americo Pacheco. * Unit V: Food. Lesson B. Food around the world. * Unit VI: Family. Lesson A. This is my family. * Reflections.

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Franco de Vita

About me.- Ednnys Bravo. : 

About me.- Ednnys Bravo. Hi, my first name is Ednnys, my last name is Bravo. I am from Maracaibo, Venezuela. Maracaibo is beatiful, modern, cool and small. I am studing industrial engineering URBE. I am eighteen years old.My Telephone number is: 04268003298. My Email-adress is: edn_enr@hotmail.com Favorite Singer is: Lady Gaga. Favorite actress is: Kristen Stewart. Favorite actor is: Jackie Chan. Personal Items is: Mp3 player. Activities is: Study. Eating. Favorite food is: Arroz Chino. My parents names are Rosa Chacon and Dennys Bravo. My Sister`s name is Dennybell Bravo.

* Unit I.Greetings and Intros.(Franco de Vita). : 

* Unit I.Greetings and Intros.(Franco de Vita). First Name: Franco. Last Name: De Vita. E-mail address: Franco@hotmail.com Phone number: 753-1026. His favorite actor is : Will Smith. His favorite singer is: Yuridia His Athlete favorite is: Rafael Nadal. His favorite actress is: Jennifer Aniston.

* Unit II. Countries and Nationalities.(Franco de Vita). : 

* Unit II. Countries and Nationalities.(Franco de Vita). Country: Venezuela. Nationality: Venezuelan. Capital City: Caracas. . Caracas is a beautiful, modern city, cool, and enterteining.

* Reflection.-Ednnys Bravo. : 

* Reflection.-Ednnys Bravo. In this first level what I like me it was the interaction in classes, the communication and the treatment of the teacher.

About me.- Edgardo Cubillan. : 

About me.- Edgardo Cubillan. My name’s: Edgardo. First Name: Cubillan. Age: 18 years. I like to listen music, to study and to share with my friends.

Unit III. Interesting Products.(Franco de Vita). : 

Unit III. Interesting Products.(Franco de Vita). His interesting product is the piano, in which it composes his songs.

Unit VI.- Activities and Interests.(Franco de Vita). : 

Unit VI.- Activities and Interests.(Franco de Vita). His concerts. To touch guitar. His work. To share with his friends. To touch piano.

* Reflection.-Edgardo Cubillan. : 

* Reflection.-Edgardo Cubillan. I learned a lot about Franco De Vita and his life and also something about the English.

About me.-Luis Arroyo. Unit. V.- Lesson AFoods and eating habits (Franco De Vita)Unit. VI.- Lesson BFamily (Franco De Vita)

About me.- Luis Arroyo. : 

About me.- Luis Arroyo. Hello, my name is Luis Alfredo, my last name is Arroyo. I am from Maracaibo, Venezuela. I am studing industrial engineery in URBE. I am seventeen years old, in my free time i usually to play soccer, listen to music, and go out with my friends. My favorite kind of food is italian food, specially pizza, i love pizza…my parents names are Liliana Ortega and Jesus Arroyo, i have two sisters and two brothers, my sisters´s names are Stefany and Ana, and my brothers´s names are Diego and Roland, i am the older son. In the future i wich to graduate and have my own family.

Unit. V. Lesson A Foods and eating habits.(Franco de Vita). : 

Unit. V. Lesson A Foods and eating habits.(Franco de Vita). Breakfast. In the morning Franco De Vita use to eat cereals and fruits, and juice of orange. Lunch. For lunch he use to eat some days soup and salad, or pasta with tomato sause, put his favorite food is the arabian food. And for drink he love the strawberry juice. Dinner. He usually don´t have dinner , put when he have he eat some fruits and yogurt

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He love the arabian food

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Unit. VI.- Lesson B. Family (Franco de Vita). Family tree Franco de Vita have Italian parents Ferdinando de Vita and Rosa De Vito, immigrants. He has two brothers: Bartholomew and Fernando and one sister called Anna. Franco de Vita is unmarried at the moment (he never has married) and he has no children.

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Reflection.- Luis Arroyo. In this level i learned some things that i didn´t know before, things like the food and eating habits, the countries and about the family. For me this level was very good and educative to us and i hope to learn more in the next level.

About me.- Americo Pacheco. : 

About me.- Americo Pacheco. My name is: Americo. First name: Pacheco. I am studing industrial engineery in URBE. I like to go to the cinema, of purchases, to travel, among other things.

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Unit V. Food.Lesson B- Food Around the World.(Franco de Vita). What’s the favorite food of Franco De Vita? His favorite food is the Fast food. His favorite dish is the Pizza. This dish is from Italy. It has cheese, ketchup, mushroom, ham, anchovy. He love it.

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How many people are there in his Family? In his family, there are six people: his father, his mother, his two brothers, and his sister. Ferdinando is Franco’s father. Rosa is Franco’s mother Bartolome is Franco’s brother Fernando is Franco’s brother Ana is Franco’s sister Unit VI.Family- Lesson A.- This is Family(Franco de Vita).

Reflection.-Americo Pacheco. : 

Reflection.-Americo Pacheco. In this level I had mas knowledge on Englishman, graces teacher for bridarnos of his knowledge and of teaching ourselves on Englishman.

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