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Teamwork Presentation Intro: 

Teamwork Fellowship of Christian Athletes and FutureNow Collaboration Concept

Unique Advantages: 

no booking bands. no setting up and tearing down. no renting equipment.

Target Dates and Actions: 

Help us meet with administrators in your areas by May 16th (from the most likely counties) Help get local Huddles on board to promote the event. Help us connect with churches in your area for post-event follow-up. 1 3 2 We want to give more clarity to your requested role.

Desired Win/Win Outcomes: 

Desired Win/Win Outcomes FutureNow meets calendar year goal of seeing 50,000 students by Dec ’08. FutureNow events become a launch pad for local huddle growth, new huddles created, and the attention of a larger support base.

Current Projections: 

Several Area Directors are currently working on arranging event dates in these projected areas. To stay on track with this year’s goal of 50,000 students, we will need the opportunity to see 6,400 in November, our currently open window. 50,000 students is only our goal. We will not turn down a chance to serve a community in need just to meet the goal. Current Projections

Thank You!: 

It has been GREAT talking and working with every one of you! Please contact us if you have any questions about this presentation! Chris Musgrove: 229.245.9499 x24 Terri Musgrove: 229.245.9499 x26 Elton Dixon: 229.245.9499 x22

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