How Teaching Methodologies improves Student Learning Process

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Edify Schools implement innovative Teaching Methodologies that improve the student learning process. The Inquiry-based approach implemented at Edify Schools helps students Learn, Engage and Inquiry. For More details :


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How Teaching Methodologies Improve Student Learning process Education is the only asset a Child can be given. It develops a strong foundation in the Child thereby leading young India. Encouraging children to learn and discover new things is the most sensitive task which needs to be done very carefully. The Teaching Methodologies included in the Education system is very important says Edify Schools leading Education Franchise in India. Edify Schools believes in Engaging students to learn Engage. The curriculum implemented in Education should help in the progress of the students Thinking process. The 3C curriculum implemented in Edify School International School Franchise encourages students to build character competence content concept knowledge and action Educational professionals around the world are in the arrangement that the learning process in the children becomes more effective and easy if it is activity-based and interactive. The Activity-Based learning helps students develop imaginative power which later develops creativity and critical thinking in them. The Inquiry-based approach is applied in Edify that helps students to Inquire thereby giving freedom of learning and thinking. This helps them to ask questions learn new things and discover new ideas. This inculcates problem-solving skills decision-making skills positive attitude and confidence improving the overall development of the child. There is the importance of students thinking Why What and How .The need to correlate subjects and aspects is very crucial in the journey of learning in the students. The Transdisciplinary approach links one subject to the other in order create relevance and understanding for the students. Student performance is gathered and analyzed regularly at Edify which makes to identify what students know understand and feel at different stages of the learning process. This helps in improving students learning the process. Edify Schools is the Best School Franchise encourages Skilled based Education. It helps students identify their skills and develop them which enables them to follow their passion. This process helps to learn easily .

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