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Edify schools Franchise Edify School Edify Schools with the motto ‘Leading Young India’ are an epitome of excellence and quality in education in the country known to mould traditional values into a contemporary. http://www.edifyschools.com/programs/edifyschool/ real-world context. The school prepares students to embark on a journey of academic as well as personal excellence. In addition to the curriculum the schools encourage self-reliance love for the outdoors a spirit of adventure growth of intellectual curiosity and community service through various school programs. Why Edify Franchise Starting a new business always takes 3-4 years in break even and requires huge capital. Franchising provides an excellent opportunity for rapid expansion without an enormous outlay of capital. By becoming a franchisee http://www.edifyschools.com/start-your-own-school/why-edify-franchise an individual or an entity is legally allowed to sell goods services or concepts that are offered by the franchisor. It’s always a wise and fruitful decision to become a franchise and gain from experience of a company and successful business model. Reasons to take a franchise 1. Lower Cost Faster Expansion 2. Track record of Success 3. Strong Brand Image 4. Training Programs 5. Ongoing Operational Support Edify Schools http://www.edifyschools.com/ are known for their academic excellence sports facilities and co-curricular activities. The schools have excellent infrastructure which includes spacious Libraries Wonder Rooms Music Rooms English Labs Math Labs and Science Labs. The extensive use of technology for teaching and learning through researching makes the entire learning process both enriching as well as effective. We provide a comprehensive hands on solutions approach http://www.edifyschools.com/franchise- options/right from inception http://www.edifyschools.com/franchise-options/ planning implementation and ongoing operations. Edify Education focuses on building communication among all our Edify Schools and extends comprehensive and seamless services. Managed by an able team of personnel which includes academicians technology and design experts as well as content developers our team supports our franchisee at each stage of the operations. Edify schools utilize the unique 3C planned methodology in their philosophy and practices. We provide a well structured curriculum which has been designed systematically with rich content a diverse style of approach and a flexible and focused methodology with well defined learning outcomes.

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Edify schools Franchise A lot of research and development by a team of dedicated and committed professionals has gone into developing the 3C curriculum which ensures the overall development of the young learners. This in turn equips them with the ability to face any challenge or uncertainty that they may face in their future.

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