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INTRODUCTION TO APA STYLE APA 6 th Edition Trae Stewart, Ph.D., Associate Professor & EDCL Program Coordinator Zane Wubbena, M.A., Ph.D. Student – School Improvement (Updated July 2014)


Overview APA 6 th Edition APA Style What is APA Style? Purpose of APA Style General APA Style Guidelines Helpful Resources

What is APA Style?:

What is APA Style? American Psychological Association (APA) Originated in 1929 by psychologists , anthropologists, and business managers Academic disciplines: social sciences, psychology , education, etc. Official procedures, or style rules , of the APA Rules for writing research papers Document and credit sources (citations and references) Writing style , organization, and formatting of: selection headings, tone, length; punctuation, abbreviation; p resentation of numbers and statistics ; and, construction of tables and figures. O ther elements for manuscript production (letters, etc.)

Purpose of APA Style:

Purpose of APA Style Uniformity for scanning key elements: purpose, questions, methods, results/findings I ndividuals described with accuracy and respect Express quantitative data—analyses and results: Report details of research protocol Display graphics of conceptual frameworks Display data with tables, figures, or statistical equations Increases reading and writing of scientific manuscripts A void inconsistencies among journal articles or book chapters Variations in format/style cause writing difficulties and, as a result, distract or confuse the reader

General Guidelines:

General Guidelines Double space Times New Roman font Don’t add space between paragraphs 12 point font 1 ” margins all around 2 spaces after each sentence period

Helpful Resources:

Helpful Resources Purdue OWL APA 6 th edition Manual Visit Other APA Style (6 th ed.) Modules In This Series

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