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APA Style 6th edition Modules - Title Page - Education and Community Leadership (EDCL) at Texas State University


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TITLE PAGE APA 6 th Edition Trae Stewart, Ph.D., Associate Professor & EDCL Program Coordinator Zane Wubbena, M.A., Ph.D. Student – School Improvement (Updated July 2014)


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Title Page: Format:

Title Page: Format Margins All sides: 1” margins Spacing Double-spacing Text Times New Roman Font 12 point

Title Page: Content:

Title Page: Content Title of Paper Starts approx. 12 single lines from first line of page (and/or centered middle-to-upper portion of page) Recommended length: A round 12+/- words Capitalize major words, not minor/function words Times New Roman font (no bold, no italics, no underline) Author Name F irst, middle initial, last (and co-authors) One author: Zane (first) C. (middle initial) Wubbena (last) Co-authors: “Trae Stewart and Zane C. Wubbena” Institution Affiliation (e.g., Texas State University) Optional content placed below Institution Affiliation: Course title (e.g., ED 7378) Date (07/26 / 2014)

Video Tutorial: Title Page:

Video Tutorial: Title Page

Running Head & Page Numbers Format:

Running Head & Page Numbers Format Format (Headers for Section 1 & Section 2) Header on Title Page: Header: Section 1 (page 1) Click below text on page and insert “Section Break (Next Page)” Section 2 Header should be on page 2 1 /2” from t op of paper “Running head: TEXT” F lush left to margin Short title use keywords 50 character max Page 1: “ Running head: SHORT CAPTION FROM TITLE” Page 2-end: “ SHORT CAPTION FROM TITLE ” Page Numbering Microsoft Word Insert  Page Numbers  Position: Top of page (Header)  Alignment: Right  Show number on first page  Click “OK”

Video Tutorial: Running Head & Page Numbering:

Video Tutorial: Running H ead & Page Numbering

Helpful Hints: Creating Section 1 & 2 Headers:

Helpful Hints: Creating Section 1 & 2 Headers How do I format my paper for the “ Running head:” to appear on the first page only (and not the second, third… pages)? Windows (MS Word 2007 & 2010) Click View tab  Print Layout document view  Select header area of page. Click Header & Footer Tools Design tab  Options group  check box for  Different First Page Type Running head: and your abbreviated title in the First Page Header box at the top of page 1 In the, Go to page 2 of your document and delete the phrase Running head . On page 1, Running head will remain in your first page header, and only your abbreviated title will appear on subsequent pages . Mac (MS Word 2011) Click header section on title page (i.e., page 1): Create section 1 header (i.e., Running head: CAPTION OF TITLE) Click out of header 1 section; click below the last text on title page; Insert  Break  Section Break (Next Page) Click header section on page 2 (i.e., Header – Section 2– Same as Previous ) Click Header and Footer tab  Uncheck “ Link to Previous ” “ Same as Previous ” should be removed (i.e., Header –Section 2 – ) Delete “Running head: ” from Header –Section 2 – ; “Running head:” in Header –Section 1– should not be affected. The abbreviated title will remain on subsequent pages. Note: This method will allow you to have continuous headers and page numbers for future section breaks.

Helpful Resources:

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