How edb repair software works?


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Edb repair software repair and restore data from corrupt, missing or inaccessible exchange server database with its advanced and powerful scanning technology.


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EDB Repair

How EDB repair software works? : 

How EDB repair software works? Edb repair software works as follows- Locate EDB File Search EDB File Start Scanning Selective Mailbox Recovery

EDB Repair : 

EDB Repair Select EDB File and then open it This option allows choosing the file directly from a pre-determined location, while 'Find EDB File' can be used to search the file in any drive or folder. The 'Select Server Type' is the option to choose the Exchange Server version, and 'Change Destination' to change the default restoration location to the preferred one.

EDB Repair : 

EDB Repair When you click the 'Find EDB File' button in Select EDB File dialog box, it shows another box with options to search for the EDB file in any drive or folder.

EDB Repair : 

EDB Repair After the file is selected and the destination path is specified, you can click the 'Start' button in the 'Select EDB File' box to start the file scanning.

EDB Repair : 

EDB Repair The software lists all the recoverable mailboxes along with a check-box (before each mailbox) once it completes the scanning. You can select the required mailbox accordingly.

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