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The Dell, past, now and the future : 

The Dell, past, now and the future By Lucy Simmons

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The Past This is where people fished, dived, and swam. There were lots of fish such as snapper, plaice, yellow fin and flat head. People would leave the pier with big smiles after having caught a few.

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In 1923 the Clifton Springs Hotel burnt down in a fire. They think that the embers got on the carpet and started a fire. Lots of people would come to the mineral baths to heal their sicknesses. They believed that it would make them better.

Now : 

Now People trashing and littering down at the Dell and it’s destroying our environment. The pier is old and useless now, because it’s all broken.

The future : 

The future This is what I want the Dell to look like in the future.

Slide 6: 

I would like the rollercoaster to go here The giant coke bottle, that blows people out the top The new pier

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