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The past, now and the future : 

The past, now and the future By Bridget Mackenzie

The past : 

The past Second Clifton springsHotel. It was built in 1926 it was remodeled around 1957 and was then known as Cliton Springs country club and then in the 1970’s it was renamed the Clifton Springs community centre

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Map of Clifton springs

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Aerial view of the area taken in the 1970’s

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The pier is now useless and broken. People now litter really badly around the beach, which is bad.

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Now the dell is dirty and if we keep throwing rubbish in the sea we will have no more animals.

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1: the pier back. 2: A big coke bottle that floats in the sea that you enter and you fly out the top. 3: clean waters. 4: clean shores. 5: amusement park. 6: sea pool (fenced off from sea). 7:ship wrecks ( to attract divers). 8: A wind farm (which operates all the towns electricity). 9: outside sinks at houses to wash dishes (so it doesn’t go into sea).

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Amusement park pool Water slide playground Jumping pillow Really big slippery Lolly store Every kind of lolly Heaps of games Entertainment room Joke books games

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Coke bottle Amusement park Outside sink Sea pool pier Wind farm

The End : 

The End

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