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In 45/C vegetable garden you will find fruit trees, vegetables and herbs. Our garden By Alex Birse

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In our vegetable garden we have Basil. Basil is a herb. It has a strong smell. It has bright, green curved shaped leaves. You can use it in a pesto sauce, tomato sauce and to flavour soup, tuna and pizza.

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In our veggie garden we’ve got cherry tomatoes. It is a fruit. You can use tomatoes in tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, tomato soup and pizza sauce.

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In our garden we have pumpkins. They will grow very BIG!!! They are hard to break but mushy on the inside. You can have it with pumpkin soup or cooked with mashed potatoes.

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In our vegetable garden we’ve got lettuce. Lettuce is a veggie. They are moist. You have by itself and in a hamburger I love lettuce especially with hamburgers.

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In our veggie garden we have broccoli. Broccoli is a veggie. Broccoli is crunchy and mushy. You can have it in soup and you can use it on it’s own.

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In 45c’s garden we have onion. Onion makes your eyes water when you cut it. It has a strong smell. It’s got a thin skin and it’s crunchy. You can use it in soup and pizza.

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I kind of like gardening but not like the hard work. I like it.

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