Strategic Planning and Management Training


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Want to learn more ? Request more information. Visit for strategic planning and management training.


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Strategic planning and management training improves your capability to create short- and long-term outcomes for your business division or market. Therefore, Tonex not only shine your competencies for developing and implementing strategies in complicated situations, but also help you successfully implement your business strategy.

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Strategic planning and management training provides you with the concepts and philosophies behind strategic planning, as well as the methods, techniques, and tools required to develop and execute a successful strategic plan . You will receive assorted viewpoints of management style, which helps you develop your unique style of management.

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Why Choose TONEX for Strategic Planning and Management Training? Tonex instructors are experienced in both academia and industry Tonex training is combined of lectures and hands-on activities Hands-on activities include practical exercises, individual/group activities, and hands-on workshops

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Audience Strategic planning and management training is a 3-day course designed for: Directors and senior executives Strategic leaders Members of boards Quality managers Senior and mid-level managers Program managers Financial officers

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Learn about : How to determine strategic planning problems How to develop a competitive strategic plan Understand the marketplace Distinguish main analytical and theoretical methods Integrate customer demands into their strategic planning

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Learn about : Distinguish how the activities of customers, competitors, and their own corporate identify the results in their markets Identify the best method to efficiently execute their strategic planning More

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Course Outline S ynopsis of Strategic Planning and Management Principles of Strategic Planning Analyzing the Environment Strategic Concerns in Competitive Environment Executing the Strategic Plan Strategic Planning Association with Other Management Systems Timetabling TONEX Group Activities Sample

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Want to learn more ? Request more information. Visit for strategic planning and management training. /

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