What Will Happen If We Don’t Recycle Our Computers

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E C O G R E E N I T R E C Y C L I N G . C O . U K Earth is the largest recycling agent around us. It recycles and reuses almost all elements that are dead and discarded like dead plants. And here we are not even batting an eyelid when someone asks what will happen if we dont recycle Since the creation of plastic its gotten all over the place. It’s overpowering landfills as it doesnt rot and filling the seas with debris that hurts and even executes marine life. One of the biggest contributors of landfills is the discarded IT equipment. The concepts like computer recycling and secure IT disposals are now emerging but still many people ignore their importance. The threats that the absence of recycling poses to the environment are grave. INTRODUCTION

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We have been stressing the importance of computer recycling for so long that we sometimes overlook the question that what will happen if we dont recycle If we successfully understand the answer to this question maybe there won’t be any need to preach about secure IT disposals. So let’s see what happens when we don’t recycle. If people desert recycling of any kind it will lead to: THE CONSEQUENCES OF NOT RECYCLING E C O G R E E N I T R E C Y C L I N G . C O . U K

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E C O G R E E N I T R E C Y C L I N G . C O . U K Piles of Garbage Increase in Pollution Expansion of Greenhouse Gases Reduction of Natural Resources Overflow of Landfills

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PILES OF GARBAGE The Environmental Agency reports the amount of e-waste produced and added to the landfills every year. This number keeps increasing every year. According to a report by Statista approximately 122 thousand metric tonnes of WEEE were collected in the first quarter of 2018. Due to negligence of individuals and lack of knowledge regarding computer recycling these garbage piles are increasing. Because of recycling 100 e-waste doesn’t end up in garbage piles. Some of that is taken to recycling plants and used for some productive purpose. So if we abandon recycling entirely all discarded IT equipment will end up in the trash. This in turn will result in huge heaps of garbage.

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E C O G R E E N I T R E C Y C L I N G . C O . U K Although landfills are intended to manage e-waste yet if we keep filling it without recycling anything it will pile up sooner than expected. As a result of this large load of trash unpleasant smells can arise in the surroundings. Moreover IT equipment release harmful elements which can corrode the earth. Therefore secure IT disposals are advised by anyone who wishes well for this planet. Keeping the landfills under control becomes much easier with little recycling endeavours. OVERFLOW OF LANDFILLS

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Our planet is getting polluted every day just because we don’t take computer recycling seriously. Moreover this pollution is not only of one kind but different kinds. The three main types of pollution are land air and water pollutions. Careless disposal of IT equipment leads to all three types of pollution. The harmful elements can easily enter the land when e-waste stays in landfills for long. Moreover usually landfills are near some water source and these harmful materials can seep into the water from there. INCREASE IN POLLUTION

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EXPANSION OF GREENHOUSE GASES Our Earth has experienced different atmosphere changes and they were all part of its evolution. However now things are changing due to excessive burning of fossil fuels and lack of recycling. Nowadays human population is the biggest culprit in producing ozone-harming gases. These greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide enter the atmosphere and make it impure. Recycling can have a great impact on the production of greenhouse gases.

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E C O G R E E N I T R E C Y C L I N G . C O . U K The planet is growing day by day while the natural resources are continuously perishing. Most of the material that is used in designing a single computer ends up on a landfill. However this doesn’t have to be this way. We can always go for computer recycling to save and reuse the material already used in making an older PC. According to a report in 2013 recycling efforts prevented 87.2 million tonnes of waste from going into landfills. REDUCTION OF NATURAL RESOURCES

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