Computer Recycling For Dummies How To Prepare A Computer For Disposal

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COMPUTER RECYCLING FOR DUMMIES Are you getting rid of old computers but not know how to prepare a computer for disposal If the answer is yes then welcome to the world of dummies. Don’t think you’re alone in this and don’t feel bad about yourself. There are many out there for whom the concepts of IT and computer recycling are quite novel. WWW.ECOGREENITRECYCLING.CO.UK

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COMPUTER RECYCLING FOR DUMMIES If you have just heard the phrase IT recycling and not know how to securely prepare your old computer for disposal we’re here for you. Our descriptive attempt at explaining what computer recycling is and how can you prep for it will surely be of assistance. And once you’re done with this guide you’ll be quite a pro at ‘how to prepare a computer for disposal’. WWW.ECOGREENITRECYCLING.CO.UK

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WHAT DOES COMPUTER DISPOSAL MEAN THE BASICS Computer disposal or recycling is the disassembling and separation of their components and raw materials. Apart from this reusing donating and repairing old computers and other equipment also come under the proper disposal etiquettes. Disposing of a computer is the last step in the waste hierarchy. And to do that you need to know how to prepare your computer for disposal. WWW.ECOGREENITRECYCLING.CO.UK

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HOW TO PREPARE A COMPUTER FOR DISPOSAL In order to be safe from any kind of data breaches we must know how to wipe a PC clean before we dispose it. And not just that since 2007 it’s illegal to throw your IT equipment on landfills according to the WEEE Directive. Therefore computer recycling is mandatory and to do just that we must know how to prepare hard drive for disposal. WWW.ECOGREENITRECYCLING.CO.UK

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PREPARING A COMPUTER FOR DISPOSAL WWW.ECOGREENITRECYCLING.CO.UK CLEAN THE HARD DRIVE It doesn’t matter if you’re giving away the PC or throwing it away the hard drive must be wiped. WIPE EXTERNAL DRIVES If your PC has any external drives connected then make sure you wipe them too. CREATE A BACKUP Before going for any kind of recycling one thing that needs to be done is saving important data.

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PREPARING A COMPUTER FOR DISPOSAL WWW.ECOGREENITRECYCLING.CO.UK UNINSTALL PROGRAMS To securely prepare your old computer for disposal uninstalling all programs is inevitable. ENCRYPT ALL FILES Before sending the PC for computer recycling encrypt your drive and no one will be able to access your data. DELETE BROWSING HISTORY Apart from all the hard drive and external drive cleaning you need to wipe the browsing history too.

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SOME OTHER COMPUTER DISPOSAL OPTIONS Recycling Recycling should be the first thing that comes into your mind when disposing of old computers. Several organisations work for this purpose in order to keep the environment e-waste free. They take the old computers and other equipment from you and then use it for several recycling purposes. Donating Instead of thinking about how to prepare your computer for disposal think about how to make it useful. Trading Several organisations and even countries buy old IT equipment especially computers. Other than these several websites and retailers also collect used consumer electronics.

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PUT YOURSELF TO TEST After carrying out all the steps to prep your system for disposing of its time to test it all. In order to do that you need a file-recovery program. There are many such programs but some of the most popular and trusted ones are: §  Piriform Recuva §  Wise Data Recovery §  PC Inspector File Recovery §  EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free §  TestDisk §  PhotoRec Always keep in mind one golden rule: ‘If you can recover it it’s a piece of cake for the hackers.’

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Ecogreen has a vast experience in recycling IT equipment. In other words they are experts in secure IT disposal. Recycling in large quantities their IT recycling UK team can make an assessment on the approximate value that they can achieve for your organisation. CALL US FOR HELP

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