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Here are some methods used by hard drive disposal service for data destruction


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Today many Internet based businesses and other IT outlets are focusing their efforts on secure data destruction. Saving information in hard drives hard disks laptops computers and tablets etc. is easy to accomplish. But it also has major drawback of data being hacked by intruders if not disposed of properly. Therefore various enterprises are hiring the services of specialized hard drive disposal service for this matter.

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Reason to hire Hard Drive Disposal Service Companies have to compete with one another based their research and sensitive data related to their core business. That is the reason why they do not want their crucial information to let it slide into wrong hands by any means. In order to be safe organizations have to completely get rid of all the data present on worn out hard disks.

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Following are some of the most common methods being used for secure data destruction: Degaussing Hard Drives Degaussing is one of the most frequently utilized and reliable means of achieving the task of safe data disposal. A strong magnetic field is used to erase all the information present on hard drive immediately. This heavy magnetic field then renders the hard disk completely useless as it reverses its functioning for good. It means that degaussing achieves the thorough annihilation of the hard disk itself.

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Disintegration of Hard Drives Disintegrators are widely used data destruction tools in the IT recycling industry and secure data destruction for materials like metals. One of the examples is the Datastroyer 105 Hard Drive that takes care of problems related to hard drives specifically. They use the knife crushing technology to continuously cut the hard drive into little pieces. Then these small pieces of hard disks fall through the screen of the disintegrator.

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Shredding Hard Drives Shredding is one of the frequent techniques of secure data destruction. It is a permanent way of safe hard drive disposal. Shredding destroys both hard disk as well as all the information present on it at once. It means that the equipment cannot be used again by any means which is its major drawback.

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Puncturing Hard Drives Physical destruction of hard disks serves the purpose of data destruction as well the equipment itself. Although this is not an easy task to achieve as most of the devices are form of hard aluminum units and alloy platters. This is the reason why special types of data destruction tools are produce to achieve this task.

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Erasing Hard Drives Hard drive erasing is also consider as one of the most common ways of sanitizing info. Be that as it may it does not guarantee that it always serves the purpose. Simply deleting data do not remove it completely but moves it from one part of hard disk to another. Therefore appropriate overwriting of a hard disk must be perform to make data irrecoverable.

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