These Tips Should Bestow A Long Life To Your Hot Tote

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These Tips Should Bestow A Long Life To Your Hot Tote Summer Market Handbag It has been around one-and-a-half or two years since designers, fashion bloggers, and celebrities are wearing wicker or rattan handbags. They are a trend that invaded the world of fashion to stay. You can be sure, when and if you buy one that their style will not get old too soon. Like any handmade product, they improve your image and make it unique, especially when you’re wearing one in a big city. Not everyone there knows how to match it with street style. Rattan or wicker handbags are no longer something that you carry only when you visit some exotic island or a beach.


Safe cleaning You have to maintain your Hot tote summer Market handbag from Ecoafriq so that it stays by your side for a long time. Manufacturers spray dyes on a few of the coloured choices, and you wouldn’t want to remove them while cleaning. You need to test the handbag’s colourfastness on the bottom or the inside edge before wiping it with a damp cloth.


Use cotton rags You should always use old t-shirts or cotton rags to clean the Hot tote summer Market handbag. First, you have to dip it in a soap solution and then wring out all the water in it until the material is damp to the touch. Don’t use it while it is dripping wet or the bag will soak up the excess water and create a non-removable stain. Apply the suds from the soapy water on the entire accessory with the cloth. Avoid rubbing vigorously to prevent tears.


Angular drying Once you finish wiping the handbag, you need to keep it away for drying. Wipe on the direction of the straw purse’s weave and don’t attempt to rub against the grainy texture of the accessory. If you do that you will end up damaging the straw fibers. Place it angularly on a table inside a well-ventilated room to dry for at least twelve hours.


Rubber cement and fabric For any handbag of rattan, straw or wicker that needs repairing, you can use rubber cement. Smear it from the inside of the bag on the backside of the torn area. Place a piece of fabric from the inside and press it against the rubber cement for sealing. It will take a maximum time of fifteen seconds to stick. Then you should pat the area with a small cloth while the glue dries completely. Put the handbag aside to dry overnight.


Enjoy it for long The tips given above should ensure that you can enjoy the purse for as long as possible. These handbags provide more than enough reasons for women to love it, and that is why it is so much in demand these days. However, if you hesitate to do it yourself, then you can just take it to any professionals of rattan products around your vicinity.


Take care Everything you love requires proper maintenance to ensure that it serves you well and for a long time. The same is the case with these handbags you love so much. Though rattan, wicker, and straw products are durable enough, protecting them can enhance their longevity. Since you enjoy using it, you shouldn’t mind wiping and mending it when needed.


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