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Service Dispatch e-automate/OMD a Comparative Look:

Service Dispatch e-automate/OMD a Comparative Look


This is an exciting opportunity for everyone involved. The benefits go beyond just training and education—collaborate with your peers and inspire others around you. educate • collaborate • inspire Welcome Connect Conference 2013

Service Dispatch – e-automate/OMD:

Considering the switch from OMD to e-automate? Are you concerned that service call functionality between e-automate and OMD are comparable? Are you worried about the contract functionality that you could be losing or gaining? During this session, we will take a question and answer approach to compare e-automate and OMD functionality in the Service Dispatch and Contracts modules. Service Dispatch – e-automate/OMD Presented by: Duane W. & Diane M.

Service Dispatch – e-automate/OMD:

Contract Features Contract configuration Base rates (contract, equipment, and meter group) Overages Miscellaneous charges Alternate bill to for overage Report groups Lease billing Contract e-views Dispatch Features Call types Service call process Remote Tech integration Incomplete call for parts Service e-views Service Dispatch – e-automate/OMD

Service Dispatch – e-automate/OMD:

Don’t forget to turn in your session survey for a chance to win a $250 gift certificate Surveys can be turned in at the Conference Registration in the Trinity Foyer or in the Lab located in the Pegasus Ballroom ( both located on the lobby level) Service Dispatch – e-automate/OMD

Service Dispatch – e-automate/OMD:

Service Dispatch – e-automate/OMD

Customer Service & Support:

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