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Indulge in a spectrum of Ecig, e cigarette starter kit where they have batteries, e-liquids, atomizers and accessories on display for special collections.


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+1300 550 468


On the other hand, e-cig products emit vapor that contains far lesser toxins compared to traditional cigarettes. One of the factors that make e-cigarette vapor less toxic than traditional cigarette smoke is the fact that the vapor doesn’t originate from burning organic compounds. . E-cig


Eliquid In fact, the concentration of heavy metals in some eliquid products is much higher than in customary cigarette smoke. It would appear that the heavy metal concentration comes from the tobacco cartridges. Standardizing the manufacture of e-cigarettes may reduce these metals.

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E Cigarette Phone : + 1300- 550- 468 Website : http://ecigarette.com.au / Address : Tapleys Hill Road Fulham Garden Shopping Centre

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