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For the humble price of $79.99, you’ll get everything you need to kick-start your journey. The long, triangular design is quite bulky to touch and it is pretty heavy. Not something that you could easily or discreetly smoke in public. Everything else about the e-cigarette is amazing.


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About Us We all know that there are many electronic cigarettes in the market today but some people would really want to know what the best electronic cigarette. Many people would always want to know what is cheap especially when they are on budget limitation but for some even if it is cheap yet they will still need to know what the best  electronic cigarette  is. There is best electronic cigarette available for people to choose. When they would want something like this then they will have to read about the reviews so that they will have ideas on what the market can offer them. If you are very particular with stuffs like these then it would be a good start that you read the reviews first before you buy or order especially when you will do it online. Sometimes, it is not just how it looks like but with the help of the reviews you will know what others think of it.

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VaporFi Jet For the humble price of $79.99, you’ll get everything you need to kick-start your journey with VaporFi Jet starter kit : 1 x 650mAh Battery 1 x Cartomizer 2 x Spare Atomizers 1 x USB Charging Cable 1 x Wall Adapter 1 x Mouthpiece Cap This MASSIVE electronic cigarette came in the smallest box. You’ll need to add a bottle of e-liquid in your order too, otherwise you’ll have nothing to get going with when it arrives. We opted for American Red Tobacco in the 30ml bottle, and this cost us $14.99. The amount of e-liquids that you can buy on the VaporFi website is incredible, and they are one of the cheapest.

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VaporFi Express VaporFi has lots of other starter kits as well, but  in this e-cig product review, we wanted to focus on something that is really suitable for a beginner . Priced at a very competitive rate of $29.99, you will get your hands on a standard capacity “Mini” battery, a high-capacity battery, wall charger, USB charger. So, everything needed to get started except for the cartridges you should add to your order .

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VaporFi Express Battery A nice thing about the VaporFi Express e-cig battery is that you can choose the color and they don’t just have the generic normal cigarette-looking ones.  You can make your choice from black, white and stainless steel. If you are buying VaporFi Express for your first electronic cigarette, then you will probably only need one long battery and one short battery if you are a “regular” user. If you are more of a heavier user, you may want to get an extra short one but that’s probably all you’ll need. At $29.99, compared to other e-cigarettes, the VaporFi Expressdeal isn’t a bad one by any means. But there’s a catch – no cartridges are included. You should certainly add these to your order, otherwise you can’t do anything with your starter kit. Pre-filled cartridges cost $14.99 a five-pack and refillable ones (don’t forget to buy the juice) cost $7.99.

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VaporFi Cartridges The flavors are as follows : 3 Tobacco Flavors (Classic, Royal Tobacco, Golden) Menthol Peppermint Cherry Vanilla Peach Coffee Pina Colada If you aren’t sure which ones are your favorite, you could always go for the 10-cartridge flavor sampler which gives you the option to try them all and pick your favorite. Again, you have a number of strength options. They are: Zero Ultra Light Light Full Bold

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