6 Ways to Fix It When Alexa Won't Connect to Wi-Fi

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If your Amazon echo not connecting to Wi-fi then this post is very helpful to you. Here we provide you the best guide about how you can set up your Alexa device at home.


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Top 6 Ways to Fix It When Alexa Wont Connect to Wi-Fi

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Amazon Echo Not Connecting to Wi-fi Amazon Echo is a great device that is powered by Alexa. As it is a powerful AI device it has also its limitations. Amazon echo depends upon a steady internet network connected through the Wi-fi. It is the most essential function of the device as the device uses Wi-fi to process its commands and other things.

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Here we are providing you the top 6 possible ways that help you to fix your Alexa device when it wont connect to wifi. Let’s dive-in the process. 1. Check your Internet Working Properly 2. Restart your Amazon Echo device and Router 3. Unhide your SSID name or Wifi Network 4. Don’t Connect with Wi-fi Extender 5. Outdated Alexa App 6. Check Wifi Frequency Band

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Check your Internet Working Properly Make sure the speed of your internet is good. If speed is good then check the distance between your router and Amazon Echo device.

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Restart your Amazon Echo device and Router If step one does not work then try to restart your device and router. Restart process can be done by unplugging the wire from Amazon device and router and replug it after 30 seconds.

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Unhide your SSID name or Wifi Network Because of security reasons sometimes the wifi network is hidden. If the network is hidden then make it visible to your router setting page and click on wireless setting and there is an option with Wi-fi or SSID name with a checkbox to make this visible or hide.

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Don’t Connect with Wi-fi Extender Amazon Echo devices do not work properly with extenders so if you are connected with extender and getting wi-fi connectivity problems. Try to directly connect with your router it will fix your issue.

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Outdated Alexa App In wifi connectivity issue An outdated Alexa app makes so much problem as there are logs that it interferes with. To fix this issue always update your Amazon Alexa app.

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Check Wi-fi Frequency Band If you are connected to 2.5 GHz and getting wifi connection problem for a time try to change it to 5 GHz which fix your issue.

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If you have any other questions related to your Alexa device then you can directly call our toll-free number: 1-888-356-3444.

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