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Spine Surgery:

Spine Surgery MSK 1: Orthopaedics


Overview Economic considerations for surgery and the Role of Direct Access to a Physical Therapist Lumbar and cervical fusion Laminectomy Discectomy Disc replacement and other procedures Rehabilitation principles / case studies

Healthcare Reform:

Healthcare Reform Annual health care cost due to back pain: 1997: 52.1 billion dollars 2005: 85.9 billion dollars Estimated productivity lost $28 billion annually Martin, JAMA 2008

Drug Use for LBP:

Drug Use for LBP Long term use for chronic LBP is controversial. Patients receiving opioids have persistent high levels of pain and poor quality of life. Mitchell JM, Medical Care 2008

Spinal Injections:

Spinal Injections Epidural injections do not reduce the rate of subsequent surgeries. No evidence of benefit for pts with axial LBP. Corticosteroid injections to facet joints no more effective than saline. Friedly, Spine 2007 Deyo, JABFM 2009

PowerPoint Presentation:

Deyo, Spine 2005

PowerPoint Presentation:

Weinstein, Spine 2006

PowerPoint Presentation:

Deyo, JABFM 2009

Cervical Fusion:

Cervical Fusion

Posterior Cervical Fusion:

Posterior Cervical Fusion

Anterior Cervical Fusion:

uscneurosurgery.com/glossary/ d/diskectomy.htm Anterior Cervical Fusion

Anterior Cervical Fusion:

Anterior Cervical Fusion



Laminectomy and Discectomy:

Laminectomy and Discectomy

Lumbar Fusion:

Lumbar Fusion

Artificial Disc:

Artificial Disc

Rehabilitation Principles:

Rehabilitation Principles Protect the procedure Retrain core motor control Treat any existing impairments, ie hip mobility, balance etc. Education

46y.o. Male Chronic LBP Hx: Discectomy @31y.o. :

46y.o. Male Chronic LBP Hx: Discectomy @31y.o.

39 Y.O Male Acute LBP Radiculopathy :

39 Y.O Male Acute LBP Radiculopathy

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