The War in Afghanistan

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The War in Afghanistan : 

The War in Afghanistan Analyze the Causes and Effects

Afghanistan : 

Afghanistan What is this land like?

Basics : 

Basics Population = 32 million Size = Texas Language = Afghan Persian 70 different languages Ethnicity = Mixed Pastun 50% Associate with Tribes Literacy Rate = 36% Land = Mountain and Desert Landlocked

Afghan History : 

Afghan History Diverse Nation Conquered in past by: Persians, Romans, Ottomans, British Won Independence from Great Britain in 1919 1978 Civil War

Afghan History : 

Afghan History 1979 Soviet Invasion ? Beat USSR in 89’ w/ USA aid 1989 – 1996 – Civil War ? Taliban wins Taliban “seekers of knowledge” govt. in power Harsh & repressive government Radical Muslims Drug Trade (Heroin) ? Famine Extreme Poverty

USSR vs. Afghanistan 1979 - 1989 : 

USSR vs. Afghanistan 1979 - 1989

Soviets leaving Afghanistan 1989 : 

Soviets leaving Afghanistan 1989

Slide 10: 

Taliban Police

Slide 11: 

Public Execution in 1999

Slide 12: 

1,500 year old Buddha statues March 2001

Opium – poppy plants : 

Opium – poppy plants

Poppy seed : 

Poppy seed

Heroin : 


September 11, 2001 : 

September 11, 2001 How does this relate to Afghanistan?

The War in AfghanistanOperation Enduring Freedom – Afghanistan : 

The War in AfghanistanOperation Enduring Freedom – Afghanistan September 11, 2001 The Attackers and their Motivation Planning of the Attacks The Hijackers Osama bin Laden & Khalid Sheikh Mohammed US-led Coalition Response Operation Enduring Freedom – Afghanistan Effects of the War in Afghanistan

Questions Page : 

Questions Page Which attack alarmed you the most? Why?

Al-Qaeda : 

Al-Qaeda Claims responsibility for attack on USA Taliban harbors and is allied with Osama bin Laden

Al-Qaeda Alliance with Taliban : 

Al-Qaeda Alliance with Taliban 1996 Osama bin Laden moves from Sudan to Afghanistan Leader of Al-Qaeda

Slide 28: 

Al-Qaeda Network

Soviets in Afghanistan 1988 : 

Soviets in Afghanistan 1988

Thanks USA : 

Thanks USA

Slide 32: 

Why did these people want to attack America? Do you feel their actions are justified?

9/11 : 

9/11 Men who Hijacked planes

Slide 35: 


Slide 36: 

Today, what problems would terrorists have in planning similar attacks on the US?

Osama bin Laden : 

Osama bin Laden ?

Slide 39: 

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Architect of 9/11 Captured

How does the USA respond? : 

How does the USA respond? Tells Taliban to: deliver Al-Qaeda leaders to USA release all US citizens in jails protect foreigners in Afghanistan Close terrorist facilities Does the Taliban accept?

Slide 42: 

Do you feel an attack on a country that harbors terrorists is justifiable?

Operation Enduring Freedom : 

Operation Enduring Freedom Invade Afghanistan (Oct. 7, 2001) Mission: 1) Capture Osama bin Laden 2) Destroy Al-Qaeda network 3) Remove Taliban Regime


NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization “committed to preserving peace through international cooperation and collective (joint) security.” Have given forces to War in Afghanistan (49 countries – now 37)

Americans in Helmand Province 2007 : 

Americans in Helmand Province 2007

Afghan Man : 

Afghan Man Friend or Foe?

Where’s Osama? : 

Where’s Osama? Rumor has it … Pakistan Why so tough to find?

Questions : 

Questions Do you feel the USA and Congress made the right decision to attack the Taliban in 2001? Question: Why do you think the US, with the most powerful military in the world, and its allies, have not been able to totally subdue the Taliban?

What are the problems? : 

What are the problems? Friend or Foe? Suicide Bombers Taliban Aid from Iran Taliban Aid from Russia Drug Trade Flourishes (92% of World’s Heroin) Famine Never known democracy Extreme Islamic Groups Human Shields Mountains and Terrain Border crossing Inadequate amount of US troops Untrained Afghani Troops Abuse of Detainees by U.S. Forces Civilian Casualties +3,000 Deaths

Taliban : 

Taliban “Thanks Iran!”

Successful or Unsuccessful? : 

Successful or Unsuccessful? New Government in Afghanistan Unstable however Taliban no longer in control Yet have re-emerged (quadrupled in size) in SE Afghanistan & now parts of Pakistan NATO losing control in region Osama bin Laden can’t be found Sanctuary in Pakistan? 7 ½ year war – Obama deploying troops to the region Declared a Failed State by U.N.

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