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Idea Generation Simplified

Portfolio Manager: Benefits:

Portfolio Manager: Benefits Save time: too many stocks too little time… Beat peer group Grow AUM Improve Win/Loss Ratio Increase velocity of turns, avoid dead money Capture the bulk of a move, early actionable…

Power Seven Model:

Power Seven Model Born in 2003 and unchanged since, our methodology has been helping some of the largest funds find winners and adjust sector/industry weights early. 1800 stocks screened weekly to make sure you don’t miss emerging trends and potential winners.

Flooded Inboxes:

Flooded Inboxes Far too many voices competing for manager attention. Far too little action oriented idea generation. Bulge bracket research often late to the punch and prone to up and downgrades far after the move has been made.

A Better Approach:

A Better Approach One daily email distilling all you need to know about market, sector, industry and stock direction. An action oriented format allowing you to quickly find new Alpha generating ideas.

The Distilling Process:

The Distilling Process Our Power Seven model cuts across fundamental and technical analysis to find names early in accumulation or distribution . Simple. Intuitive.

Earnings Growth and Beats:

Earnings Growth and Beats Good management understands Wall Street rewards excess. Since stocks follow earnings over time, those companies with earnings growth and a history of beating Street estimates will benefit from upward revision tailwinds.

Insider Buying:

Insider Buying The best gauge of management confidence is their willingness to commit at market prices. We look for key executive insider at-the-market buying activity as proxy for future catalysts.

Money Flow:

Money Flow Tracking price and volume over multiple periods provides managers with insight into tipping points. Our model finds money flow winners by discovering those with both positive short and long term accumulation trends.

Short Interest:

Short Interest Too many pessimists offer upside opportunity in strong stocks. Short sellers with out-sized positions in names with positive earnings growth, EPS beats, money flow and other model components are historically punished and forced to cover.


Valuation The best measure of valuation comes from company specific comparisons rather than broad generalizations. Our model finds value by identifying strong stocks trading at or near their 5 year PE lows on forward EPS estimates. Since our top scoring stocks are growing EPS and beating consistently, those passing our value screen offer considerable upside leverage.


Seasonality Seasonal spending patterns differ across sectors, industries and stocks, creating inefficiency managers can exploit. Evaluating seasonal tendencies improves entry and exit points, reducing dead money and protecting returns. It provides granularity into sector and industry over and underweights .

Action Oriented Reporting:

Action Oriented Reporting Quickly see sector trends by market cap or across the entire universe.

Best & Worst Reports:

Best & Worst Reports See the strongest and weakest scoring names by market cap, sector, industry or across the entire universe.

Industry Intelligence:

Industry Intelligence See the strongest and weakest industries in each sector by market cap or across the entire universe.

Quickly See Head and Tailwinds:

Quickly See Head and Tailwinds Rolling 3 month seasonality across 1800 widely traded equities and 25 of the most heavily traded ETFs provides actionable insight into seasonal tendencies. 10 year history by year, with pre calculated average and median returns and standard deviation for convenience.

Action Oriented Commentary:

Action Oriented Commentary Whether it’s telling you to buy autos and retail in early 2009, financials in 2011 or housing in 2012, our results driven commentary is designed for managers seeking quick, decisive views on markets, sectors, industries and stocks.

Contact us at: 603.742.7100:

Contact us at: 603.742.7100 Visit us online: www.ebcapitalmarkets.com Or reach us via email: Campbell@ebcapitalmarkets.com

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