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Best vacuum cleaner for cleaning parquet Sparkling fresh shiny lacquered natural wood floors look very presentable in any environment regardless of its style. They are appropriate in different rooms: the bedroom and the kitchen living room and hallway. Thats just how much hassle and worries they bring to their owners On this as no one else know thrifty housewife. And this is not surprising because the smooth surface like a mirror each mote conspicuous. But the most important thing is that too carried away by the process of cleaning the floor in this case is impossible. The fact is that from frequent contact with water which penetrates between the elements of the parquet there is inevitably deformation and corrosion of wood the floor may start to creak underfoot. And that is not all Under the influence of moisture and gradually fades isstiraetsya lacquer. How to find a way out of this situation How to make the parquet floor was always perfectly clean and shiny The answer is obvious: you just need to buy a vacuum cleaner for parquet. How to choose a vacuum cleaner for cleaning parquet Almost every day in the market of home appliances for cleaning purposes there are innovative products from renowned manufacturers - vacuum cleaners of various types designed to care for laminate and parquet are:  Traditional machines for dry cleaning  specialized machines for wet cleaning  manoeuvrable and compact robotic vacuum cleaners parquet. Each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages. But the most important thing - it is a significant difference in cost. It is understandable that an

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ordinary vacuum cleaner of conventional type with the bundled brush for parquet will be much cheaper machine for wet cleaning. Let us consider each type in more detail. Traditional vacuum cleaner with a brush for parquet In this case it is a customary unit for dry cleaning the set of such devices are different variations of nozzles care delicate surfaces. Their main difference is that they do not scratch the delicate surface of the floor. But thats not all. Vacuum cleaners for parquet necessarily equipped with silicone pivoting elements that contribute to the fact that during operation of the device with ease maneuvering of the treatment surface without damaging it. If you are more strapped for cash and want to stop your choice on the traditional budget model we recommend the choice of the unit to focus on the quality of baits bundled. In this case questions about the mark of the device and its power can be considered as secondary factors affecting your decision. Long-term practice of using traditional vacuum cleaners shows that any unit copes with cleaning dust and dirt from the flat and smooth surface. A few more words of nozzles: nozzle on the vacuum cleaner quality parquet must necessarily have a coating of a soft material which is in contact with parquet or laminate will not leave any traces on the surface. Most of the work surface of nozzles made of the following materials: 1. felt 2. rubber or silicone 3. camels wool 4. microfiber 5. brush made of horsehair.

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The conclusion from the above is simple: an ordinary vacuum cleaner with a nozzle for parquet is not bad cope with their functional duties provided that you carefully approach the issue of choice of attachments to it. Special brushes may be purchased separately from the device. Units for wet cleaning of surfaces Of course if you have extra money for frequent repairs costs you nothing to buy for your home or apartment cleaning vacuum cleaner from a reputable manufacturer. Walk through the rooms and corridors of your home with such units will bear fruit - everything sparkle crystal clarity. In this case you do not need to be a mastic and felt standing on his knees to rub your flooring. Whether here only last for such a long idyll After a couple of months of such cleanups your laminate flooring or lose its appearance once a brilliant perfectly smooth fade. Out of such a situation only one - urgent replacement of a decorative floor covering. The conclusion is clear: ordinary washing vacuum cleaner for parquet - not the best option. Why Its simple: the fact that in the process of cleaning the moisture is bound to seep between the parquet elements or laminate which invariably lead to a rapid deterioration of expensive flooring. Robot vacuum cleaner for laminate and parquet These innovative devices as assured of their producers are able to turn a dull routine of cleaning business in exciting burdensome task. Is it really The relatively small size of one article is very difficult to perform a comparative analysis of robotic vacuum cleaners. We note only that such compact devices are only suitable for operation at the surface which has no obstacles. I hope that after their work is purely in the nooks of your apartment between the maze of furniture and household appliances should not be. And the quality of cleaning with the use of such devices is poor as Microfiber pads staffed with which their work surface unable to cope with old stains. At the same time the cost of such devices is high

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enough. Hoover Thomas parquet On the background of other units intended to care for delicate parquet or laminate surface the device stands out line from Thomas Company. To date Thomas cleaner for parquet presented in the line of three generic models:  Master  Prestige  Style. These models are specifically designed for delicate poverhnostey.Dlya wet cleaning parquet and laminate included such devices are special accessories: • sprayed multifunctional nozzle equipped with built-in adapter for smooth surfaces. • Nozzle for cleaning the floor with automatic LED backlight. • Special nozzle for wet cleaning of parquet laminate and tile two microfiber cloth. • Parquet nozzle of natural horsehair and felt which is rotatable during operation 360 degrees. As stated by the manufacturer of the universal data units Thomas - the best vacuum cleaner for parquet and tiles. The reason is the wide range of accessories designed specifically for the care of sensitive surface. We will not prove the opposite but just tell you about another form of vacuum cleaners parquet and laminate. Its about the separator unit which recently appeared in our country. Separator vacuum cleaners - clean flooring and fresh air

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Agree to purchase a number of vacuum cleaners with different features and capabilities is very expensive. In this case it is best to spend one day on the acquisition of multi-unit which deal not only with old stains on upholstery but also gently cleaned of contamination expensive flooring in your apartment as well as moisturize the air. You are probably thinking that so many useful features to fit in one unit is simply impossible And here and there. Cope with such a task managed by 100 German engineers who have developed a new vacuum cleaner separator type. As evidenced by the numerous reviews of vacuum cleaners parquet people using for cleaning delicate surfaces separator units such devices to date are the best. They have fully discharged their obligations to eliminate dust and dirt without damaging the delicate surface of the laminate parquet or expensive tiles. Consider the main operational and technical characteristics of the separator devices for example German cleaner Pro-aqua. The following points can be attributed to the basic advantages of such unit:  Ease of use.  No need to purchase expensive consumables. This is due to a complete lack of filters that must be periodically replaced. The unit also does not require special shampoos cleaning is performed using ordinary water.  Flexibility and versatility. Separator vacuum cleaner Pro-aqua their outdated predecessors is characterized by a wide range of functions. With it you can not only clean the floor but also to wash the windows tiles in the bathroom and even beat the mattress includes electric brush-beater and napolirovat surface which is especially important in the light of todays theme of care for parquet and laminate flooring. We should also be noted that in the process of cleaning using a vacuum cleaner separator room is cleaned and humidified air is ionized. But for those who are looking for the best vacuum cleaner for wood flooring we report that in the package of this unit includes a special nozzle-brush designed for simultaneous cleaning and polishing sensitive floorings. Outwardly this accessory resembles a beater. Brush for parquet equipped shaft of natural felt which during operation of the device performs a rotational movement to shine polishing surface parquet or laminate. Note that the separator unit can be used not only as a vacuum cleaner for parquet and laminate but also as a conventional device for cleaning. The versatility of the device caused by the presence of an extensive set of basic nozzles. Using accessories that are included with the unit you will easily clean the floor of dirt otpoliruete to shine furniture eject the dust from the upholstery of armchairs and dlinnovorsnyh carpets while the air in your home is fresh.

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