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In this PPT, we have discussed about the brief introduction of adopt a pet and its tips which will provide the help to enjoy a fulfill life and unconditionally love.


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Introduction of Adopt A Pet:

Introduction of Adopt A Pet


Introduction Adopting a dog can be one of the most important and rewarding things that can do for you and the dog you choose to adopt. It is the process of taking the responsibility for a pet that the previous owner has released to shelter or rescue organization

Reasons to adopt a dog:

Reasons to adopt a dog Here are described the various reason why you should adopt a dog such as: You Save a life The domino effect Stopping the cycle Personality included Its green You can still find what you want Supporting the cause Knowing in advance Its rewarding to give a second chance

You Save a life :

You Save a life In this step, you can help a dog by adopting it and providing it with forever home, and saving its life by giving it a much needed a second chance.

You can still find what you want :

You can still find what you want You must always have no problem in finding the specific breed of dog that you want. You can easily locate a breed specific rescue and out of the straggling the numbers of dogs that enter the shelters each and every year.

The domino effect :

The domino effect Don’t make your adoption go unnoticed when you adopt and make sure that you have spread the word with family , friends and friendly passerby and that wants to say like: hello and pet your dog by telling them where you go your new companion.

Stopping the cycle :

Stopping the cycle Adoption is an absolute necessity because every day , millions of the pets are dying and every day million of the people are buying. So you can also help to stop the cycle of over breeding by adopting instead of shopping.

Personality included :

Personality included When you give a dog in new home, and then you will quickly find out what the personality of your new dog or pet like.

Supporting the cause:

Supporting the cause According to the human society, only 25% of dog in united states homes were adopted from a shelter or rescue. Over the 2 millions of dogs and cats are euthanized each and every year. So adopting a dog and giving them a home can help prevent this and help further support the cause.

Benefits of Adopting a pet:

Benefits of Adopting a pet You will save money Helping to eradicate puppy firms and pet shops Can improve your health and make you happier Unconditional love Older animals can prove to be the best companions Benefits for children

Who I am..:

Who I am.. East Dallas Pet Rescue is an organization which will provide the help in various services like: adopting, living and medical care for pet, which located in United States.

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