12 Inch Writing tablet with mouse pad and ruler on back


Presentation Description

1. Paperless. Simply write and erase. 2. Make note,draft, math and formula etc. 3. No need to charge or connect to power. 4. Durable,ultra-light weight LCD writing screen,and good paper writing feeling. 5. Reflective Rate: 25%-30% 6. Tablet Size: 280mm x 185mm x 4.8mm (L x W x H) 7. Tablet Weight: 188.3g 8. Package: 1pcs LCD writing board memo pads + 1 pcs stylus 9. Power: Replacable CR2025 coin battery 10.6 Colors Available:Black,Blue,Rose,Red,Green,White more: http://www.ecowritingtablet.com/lcd-writing-tablet-c-31.html


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