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Get the best Eyelash Perm Kit At Lash they offer eyelash perm kit. Those who have used false eyelashes or eyelash extensions will realize how natural lashes are damaged. Currently there are innovations to give you flirty eyes without using flake lashes. Today you can use eyelash perm to give your eyes the much needed enticing look. Eyelash perm can make your natural eyelashes look curled so you do not have to use mascara. You do not have to rush to a beautician but do it yourself at home. Eyelash perm is known as lash lift. It gives natural eyelashes a tossed up curl. It is a procedure that is semi-permanent and will last during the natural life cycle of the lashes that is about 2 -3 months. The Working of eyelash perm kit Eyelash perm kit works the same way whether you do it yourself at home or in a salon. There are a few variations depending on the brand. First you have to coat the eyelashes with an adhesive that is special and then wrap them around silicone pads or foam rollers to hold them in the curled position.

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Then apply cream to the eyelashes and wait for a few minutes or you can apply a perming solution and relax for 5- 7 minutes. After this you have to apply a neutralizing solution and wait for some time. After around 12 minutes if you look into the mirror you will see your lashes beautifully curled. The best perm set is Dolly’s Eyelash Wave Lotion set which comes with everything you may need especially if you are a beginner. Eyelash Extension Kit If you want to have eyelash extension you can order your own kit from Lash. The kit comes with everything that you will need for eyelash extension. It contains 3 gm of FairyFix extreme glue 10gm of FairyFix orange gel remover FairyFix primer LashArt glue preserving pack Silica gel and 5gm of LashArt Lash sanitizer. There are eyelash extensions which include mix tray of WonderLash premium mink eyelashes and a mixed tray of WonderLash premium silk eyelashes. The kit also comes with application tools like LashArt straight tweezers LashArt eyelash rulerLashArt curved tweezers LashArt sleek lash definer LashArt signature lash bridge and ring set and LashArt jade stone. The disposables that come in the eyelash kit include LashArtfinepore surgical tape WonderLash lint free under eye gel patches LashArt styling wands and LashArt lint free applicator.

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Get Lash lift kit from Australia The lash lift is designed to give the natural lashes a sweeping curl which will last for 12 weeks. It gives the lashes a longer look. The kit comes with all the tools needed for eyelash lifting which include application brush 30 single use sachets of solution and neutralizer which are easy to use silicon rods of different sizes like small medium large and extra large lash lifting tool lash adhesive and Belma- remove sample. The kit will cost around 155 and is for professional use. It is better for a trained therapist to handle lash lifting which takes around 45 minutes. Conclusion Are you looking for eyelash perm kit then visit to find one suitable for your use. With a perm kit you can perm your lashes yourself without having to rush to a salon. eLash Supplies

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