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A comprehensive process for meeting all types of merger and demerger requirements for any organization. Manage business and IT challenges that come with mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures


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Introduction – MERGER & DEMERGER MERGER A Merger or Amalgamation is an arrangement whereby the assets of two or more companies become vested in one company (which may or may not be one of the original two companies). It is a legal process by which two or more companies are joined together to form a new entity or one or more companies are absorbed by another company and as a consequence the amalgamating company loses its existence and its shareholders become the shareholders of the new or amalgamated company. 2 DEMERGER De-merger is an arrangement whereby some part /undertaking of one company is transferred to another company which operates completely separate from the original company. Shareholders of the original company are usually given an equivalent stake of ownership in the new company. It is undertaken either as an exercise of Corporate Restructuring, OR, to give effect to kind of family partitions in case of family owned enterprises.


Business Need in Merger/Demerger SAP System Handover Data Segregation 3 Data Challenges Business Challenges Database relationships Process Integration Inconsistencies SAP Complex Database Design Z-Objects Only relevant data to be provided Time Duration Validation requirement Data & Process Consistency Quality & Integrity of Data

eOptimizer – Value Proposition:

eOptimizer – Value Proposition 4 Core Organization element based control Object concept similar to Archiving object & object dependency concept unique to eOptimizer User defined object definition Object definition can be changed based on requirement Grouping of database tables outside object for usage of core organization element Flexible with fine version control Tools to evaluate organization level data volume

eOptimizer – Project Methodology:

eOptimizer – Project Methodology 5

eOptimizer Vs Archiving:

eOptimizer Vs Archiving 6 Dimensions eOptimizer Archiving Objects Generic Objects covering all processes eg. Order includes all type of order Finer control objects for specific processes Storage Does not require any additional storage as no intermittent storage of data Archiving focuses on first reading and storing data and then deleting Retrieval No data retrieval possible. Data retrieval possible from backup, but a complex task Data can be retrieved Z-Tables Can be easily included Complex process to include Z-tables Totals tables Can be easily configured to be deleted Very complex process Suitability Best suited for demerger type scenarios For application where data might have to be referred again System Resources Recommended atleast 1.5 times resources of current production environment for duration of project Higher resources required

Case Studies:

Case Studies Case Study 1 Challenges: Very high volume for one single company code in FI and 2 plants – approximately 43% Complex HR structure and movement of personnel across various company codes. Plant to plant transfe r across company codes Approach Multipronged approach for defining eOptimizer objects Exception list handling Case Study 2 Approach Exception list handling for complex projects Alignment with business on deleting only the required data. Case Study 3 Approach Multipronged approach for structure eOptimizer objects Optimization of Hardware, Oracle & SAP Index Creation Challenges: Complex Project structure with multi-company code projects. •HR personnel movements within multi- company codes Challenges: CG company code with more than 60% of data. COEP table with 2000 million records Huge data volume for FI,SD,MM Time duration for project was 3 months


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