Serengeti National Park

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SERENGETI NATIONAL PARK BY JAMES LASKO Wikimedia common photo by Daniel Zaas

Map of the Serengeti!!:

Map of the Serengeti!! Map from Google Maps

Landscape of the Serengeti:

Landscape of the Serengeti Wiki commons picture by David Berkowitz Flickr photo by Simon English Wiki commons photo by tommorphy


Grasslands Wiki commons photo by Joseph L. Hartman Flickr photo by Simon English

The Great Migration:

The Great Migration Wiki commons picture by Afripot

PowerPoint Presentation:

Wiki commons photo by David Dennis Flickr photo by Philip Sheldrake Flickr Photo by Roger Meyer Flickr Photo by Philip Sheldrake Flickr Photo by Amanderson

PowerPoint Presentation:

Wiki commons photo Wiki commons photo by Ikiwaner Wiki commons photo by Ikiwaner


Elephants! Wiki Photo by Ikwaner Wiki commons photo by Noel Feans

Big Cats of the Serengeti:

Big Cats of the Serengeti Wiki commons photo by Schuyler, edt by Norro Wiki commons photo by Vincenso Gianferrari Pini Wiki commons photo by David Dennis Wiki commons photo by William Warby Wiki commons photo by Caelio

PowerPoint Presentation:

Wiki commons photo by Jerry Friedman Wiki commons photo by Mara 1 Wiki commons photo by Malene Thyssen

Unparalleled Wildlife:

Unparalleled Wildlife Wiki commons photo by Demetrius John Kessy Wiki commons photo by D. Gordon E. Robertson Flickr photo by El Tonio Wiki commons photo by Ikiwaner Wiki commons photo by Ikiwaner

The Maasai:

The Maasai Flickr photo by El Tonio

Visiting the Serengeti Nation Park:

Visiting the Serengeti Nation Park Wiki commons photo by Thomas Huston Wiki commons photo by Gary Flickr photo by Simon English



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