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Whether you are in a large, medium, or small room, or a training or all-hands space, StarLeaf’s video conferencing solution will provide you with the same seamless user experience. Read to know more at


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The Best Video Conferencing Solution for Your Business – StarLeaf “Meeting in 15 minutes”. Does this message from your boss really mean that the entire team has to assemble in the same conference room Not exactly Gone are those days when meetings used to happen with everyone assembling in the same room The recent office and business sphere have advanced enough to let us work anytime and from any corner of the globe with the latest and most reliable video conferencing solution. Having a good video conferencing solution is one of the most important aspects that many businesses fail to consider. Remote work is expanding and is predicted to continue to expand. With employees located in different places and sometimes even in different countries how can your business ensure that everyone is communicating Talk to anyone anywhere Find the answer to this question below. The Starleaf Video Conferencing Solution Enjoy Dynamic Communications video conferencing software for all popular desktop and mobile platforms Here we introduce you to the most popular Video Conferencing Solution – “Starleaf.” The StarLeaf app is the most simple reliable and secure app for meetings calling and messaging. It works from anywhere and on any device so that the employees can collaborate share and discuss every project update flexibly and easily. The application is also completely interoperable with other third-party video calling devices.

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Connect Securely Reliable from Any Device Anywhere Collaboration Tools for the Modern Workplace With more and more businesses operating globally today it is highly essential than ever to provide your employees with the right tools and technologies that can help them communicate and collaborate effectively. And how StarLeaf can help  Seamless desktop and mobile applications for secure messaging and quick video calls and meetings  Equip your room with easy-to-use video conferencing facilities  Complete interoperability with any other standards-based video conferencing solutions Conferences and Boardrooms

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Technology that makes meetings go undisturbed The company‟s largest auditoriums and meeting rooms are no longer just meant to be used in person. They also need to be fitted with technologies like high quality and high definition cameras multiple screens exceptional call quality smart automatic reduction of background noise professional AV equipment and bi-directional content sharing to share discuss present and communicate as easily as possible. StarLeaf‟s easy-to-use systems can transform your company‟s conference rooms. Some of its highlights are:  High-quality video and audio  Productive and collaborative multiparty conferences  Tilt or zoom cameras  Dual screen support to collaborate and discuss swiftly  A range of attendee layout options  Firewall traversal ensures complete security  Easy integration with other systems  Smart PathTM ensures best call quality even on poor network connections Smaller Meeting Rooms

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For a simple flexible collaboration Now quickly creating video meetings or holding point-to-point video calls has been easy. StarLeaf‟s budget-friendly equipment for smaller meeting rooms provides reliable communication tools that are always ready-for-use. With many employees working remotely the small meeting spaces are using the best powerful video calling equipment to offer all the collaborative benefits to the people who are not present there in person. Some of its highlights are –  Meetings are easy to start and join by just pressing the „Join Now‟ button  You can easily hold unscheduled meetings and make calls with Quick Meet  The unparalleled interoperability will let you talk to anyone anywhere  With Outlook and Google calendar integration you can easily book meeting spaces and check room availability Turn any meeting room or congregate space into a video conferencing entourage To know more about StarLeaf‟s video conferencing solution and the features services it offers don‟t forget to visit our website and we will provide you and your company with easy-to-use video conferencing solutions that just work.

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