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Why our Cosmetic Chemists are the Best When you hear the term cosmetic chemist you might think of a variety of things or have a variety of questions. Is it a fancy title for someone who loves cosmetics or went to school for makeup Is it a lab coat-wearing individual that is tied down to solely creating makeup product after makeup product in a monotonous day-to-day grind Or maybe it’s someone who only cares about formulas numbers and calculations and has no attachment to cosmetics at all You might be surprised to learn what a cosmetic chemist actually does in their profession no less how exciting their career can be The title of Cosmetic Chemist is defined as a person who is well educated in the area of chemistry chemical engineering cosmetic or pharmaceutical science and/or microbiology as they are required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in one of these areas. A cosmetic chemist will have the ability to work with and create an assortment of beauty products. Their duties can include formulation testing reverse engineering quality control and so much more. So yes they wear lab coats but no their job is not monotonous At Dynamic Blending our cosmetic chemists pride themselves on quality cutting edge work. Their masterpieces are formulated tested and approved in our state-of-the-art RD lab. Our cosmetic chemists are unique compared to other contract manufacturers’ in that they hold their customers’ needs and wants to the highest priority while maintaining the integrity quality and superlative work of the beauty product they are creating. We know what it takes to make it in the beauty industry which is why our cosmetic chemists work to stay up-to-date in keeping their innovation at the highest level in the skin care and cosmetic industry. As the industry grows so do ideas. We want to take your unique idea and make it a reality and this couldn’t happen without our amazing cosmetic chemists working day and night never stopping until your product meets perfection. It would amaze someone on the outside of this business to see how much our cosmetic chemists do. Not only do they perform at the highest level of accuracy and knowledge in their field but they go beyond their required duties by logging hours around the clock to make your product flawless. We specialize in custom formula development so not only do our cosmetic chemists need to go through multiple testing processes with each step of a formulation but they do so while maintaining the guidelines laid out by our company’s mission any required FDA guidelines and different cruelty-free testing processes. So whether you are looking for reverse engineering formulation customer formula development or private labeling our cosmetic chemists will ensure that your product meets and exceeds your expectations in quality safety and innovation. Our customers come first and with our team of experts we offer nothing short of perfection for you and your product. We are the contract manufacturer who will help you achieve your goal of making your mark in the cosmetic and skin care industry. Sources:

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